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When was the last time you checked your phone? I can take a guess, you have probably checked your phone within the last few minutes… Each day we progress more and more as a society through technology. Finding new ways to use it every day. There are a numerous amount of new devices that are being created to help us do almost everything in our everyday life. Because of this new wave, we as people have become more in-tuned with technology. In today’s society we have lost the need for creative handwriting. We have lost hand-written items like letters, cards, so much as even homework. As to where now we can just create realistic and graphic demonstrations online. With technology there is no longer real communication; emails and social media platforms have changed communication, both personal and business wise. If you can remember, business deals such as meetings were done face-to-face not like today as to where they might be done over the phone, maybe through a phone call or via video-chat. In-addition to, our generation has the lowest infant mortality rate, we now have begun life-threatening surgical operations with the use of technology, the use of technology can also cause health risk. Technology has taken over our lives and will continue to do so as more of our creators and comprehensive thinkers continue to come up with these technology-based things as time goes on. The use of technology not only can put a halt on social interactions but can also cause health problems. Technology is everywhere and in our everyday life. Technology is taking over our world and can be very bad for us!

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In today’s world, technology causes less face-to-face communication. This can cause poor literacy skills. Having a conversation through technology can have many distractions from real life. For example, imagine sitting next to someone having a heated conversation through one’s cellular device and you not knowing what is going on; you would feel left out or even lonely because their too engaged into their device. Technology can also cause people to become lazy with their words. New abbreviations, upsurge acronyms, just simply lazy language. Many platforms limit how many characters one can use, which can cause many shortcuts when conversing. Many will go out into the world not knowing how to properly have a conversation with someone because they have always relied on their device to have conversations through. In the article ‘’No Meltdowns’’ by David Hallerman, he stated that ‘’the more people go online, the more online becomes the place to go.’’ By this Hallerman means that people would rather stay online, finding new ways to do things online rather than going out to adventure off to new things. Not only has technology stopped more than enough social interactions, technology plays a hugge pat in ‘Cyberbullying’.

In the article ‘Automatic detection of cyberbullying in social media text’ it was stated that ‘’Cyberbullying has manifested itself as soon as digital technologies have become primary communication tools’’ (C.Van Hee, G. Jacobs, Chris Emmery) Although bullying is not new, but with all these new devices, the new ways people communicate now all different ages are now online and able to threaten and hurt peoples feelings with technology. If our world progresses more and more through technology, we will see less of people communicating and more people in their cellular devices.

Furthermore, Not only does technology intervenes with face-to-face interactions, the use of technology can also cause health problems. In the article ‘Cellular Telephones: Have cellular telephones had a positive influence on modern society?’ It was stated that ‘’cell phones may indeed cause health problems-including caner-if used too frequently’’ radiation from the phone might cause cancer. Carpal Tunnel is another health risk when dealing with technology devices. Holding a device so long can cause carpal tunnel. The carpal tunnel protects the median nerve and the flexor tendons that bend the fingers and thumb. As your reading this essay, perhaps your hold a device; look at how your thumbs and wrist are being used while holding the device. If a device is held too long those tendons will become torn and one will then need sugary. Not only can it cause Carpal Tunnel, but being too connected can cause vision problems, hearing loss, and neck strain from sitting and listening to something on a device for over a long period of time. Technology can also maybe cause some stress. Always wondering why someone has not responded to a message, constantly checking to see if there is a response. Even when one has left their phone somewhere and cannot find it, now they are stressing and freaking out. Elaheh Poorakbaran stated that, ‘’ The internet that eventually leads to the disturbance or stress’’(Poorakbaran) the longer one is connected to the internet, stress is caused by looking and studying a device. Cellular devices can case one a significant amount of stress on a person. Technology is something like a drug, an addiction that many cannot stop using.

Many will argue that technology is not as bad as people make it seem, and that it has improved today’s society. Technology is used in many positive ways; two ways it is used positively is business and medical wise. The business view point is that it has changed how things are handled. From meetings to the finances these things can be done over the internet, quick and easy versus some time ago it would have had to be done face-to-face which the process might have taken some time. Medical way is that new technology has new machines that can scan human bodies, new blood machines. Along with the positive side of technology in the article ‘Cellular Telephones: Have cellular telephones had a positive influence on modern society?’ It was stated that ‘’devices have made the lives of million of people easier.’’ Technology allows people to store a lot of information into devices, like phone numbers, notes, photos are even saved for a long time as to where decades ago some might have relied on memorization.

Technology has taken a huge toll on our society, whether we will accept or not. As modern technology grows, it takes a toll on the effect on our life and society. We have lost the art of conversation, the art of hand-written meaningful items. Formally meeting to vibe and get to know someone the right way. This will result in a difficult time to engage in normal conversation, many will have issues understanding nonverbal indications due to lack of face-to-face interactions because they cannot be paused how one would do when using technology. Despite that people think technology is good for everyone, it is indeed addictive and running our society. Technology has taken over our brains, the way we think, and get things done. We need to get back in-tuned with our people and out of our devices. New technology has taken over our lives and world.

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