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How Have Views On Communism And Socialism Changed Over Time

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Communism and Socialism came about because many people felt that Capitalism was a failed social order because of the so called injustices of it. These injustices are that Capitalism is unfair because of it having social classes of rich and poor, and that it is immoral, heartless, and selfish to strive for money and greatness. So Communism and Socialism fixed the problem in some eyes, because it takes everybody’s money they earn and divide it among everyone so that there is only one class working in harmony that will produce enough goods and services, where each would contribute according to his abilities and receive according to his needs.

Unfortunately both Communism and Socialism failed in it’s endeavors because there will always be a upper class, for example Communism and Socialism revolve around the idea that the citizens have no freedom, including no religion, your property is not yours, the money you work hard for is not yours, it is all the governments or a higher class that is dividing the money among the people, and keeping the laws. So in the end they fail to create a single class because there has to be a higher class to control and dictate the people. The list goes on and on of reasons Communism and Socialism fail, from their declining economics from the time they start, to the fact that in order to have this Communism utopia it must go through a process of changing in which it goes from dictatorship to Socialist then Communist, but it remains an imaginary utopia because it hasn’t ever become full communist before killing all it’s people or economic collapse. Now there have been many changes in the views of Communism and Socialism in the 21 century compared to earlier generations.

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Communism and Socialism was popular in the 1920’s through most of the 1900’s as were many different social orders. Many other countries were experimenting with different regimes. Italy, for example, was under a fascist regime and was amazing everyone, including America, with how good their economy was growing.

These strides were in vain though and most social orders or regimes crashed after going through the World Wars. Luckily, America didn’t vote in any full communist that would have destroyed our country like many others. The people saw and learned from what happened to the other countries. This also comes to why there has been a change in America, it is because of the new generation’s which are ignorant and do not heed the past and learn from it. In a survey from Yougov it found those under 30 was the only age group that rated socialism ahead of capitalism, 43%-32%. What’s amazing is that this is what socialist and communist want! They want the young people to believe that Capitalism has wronged them, and that it’s the rich peoples fault because they can’t make it anywhere and want their stuff paid for in an everyone equal society.


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