The Influence of Hotter Temperatures on State of Ecology

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Scientifically, Heat waves are often followed by periods of “stagnant air” which leads to poorer air quality, pollution, chronic respiratory issues and allergies. Scientists have also predicted that hotter temperatures will lead to more days with elevated levels of Tropospheric Ozone, which is a dangerous chemical which puts people at a higher risk of premature death caused my respiratory issues. More specifically, these health issues range from asthma to lung disease with young children and seniors as the most vulnerable. If these heat waves continue, so will the levels of Ground-Level Ozone, which will cause harm to many people if nothing is done to slow it down.

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Our access to food is also threatened with the onset of Climate Change. Nutrition has become more difficult to achieve with the threat to food security. Crop yields have been significantly reduced, as well as their nutrition content. Climate change is diminishing food production and preventing us from achieving the nutrition we need. Periods of excessive rain and periods of drought have made for unideal conditions for crop growth. An increase in natural disasters and more drastic temperature swings have destroyed crops and in turn, our food supply. Although we cannot immediately feel this loss, the future predicts that we will soon.

The Paris Agreement sparked doubt in my mind that we were simply not doing enough. When reading through Canada’s plan, it does not include a section on our ideas on how to decrease fossil fuels such as gas and oil. In the last few years, Canada remains one of the highest producers of these dangerous substances. In choosing not to address this, we are ignorant to the fact that it is contradictory to our plan of eliminating fossil fuels by 2050. It simply does not plausible that we will meet this goal if our production continues. Additionally, our involvement in the Trans Mountain pipeline goes against our claims of respect and protection of the indigenous people.

There are economic benefits to decreasing fossil fuels and repairing air quality. Health care costs will hopefully decrease, as our number of diseases will be reduced. Moreover, brand new jobs will be created from our different approaches and methods of energy conservation. developmental changes in our cities made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may also cause people to participate in physical activity which would also help reduce disease and costs.

Although, we feel positive about the changes we are making and the awareness we are sending, not enough is being done to stop climate change from worsening our health and living conditions each year. I hope you take into account these issues when making future policy decisions.

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