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How Hugely Fast Fashion is Involved in the Fashion Industry

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I have chosen to research fast fashion because of how hugely involved it is in the fashion industry. I am targeting the matriculates of St Dunstan’s College because I feel as if teenagers are more involved with this type of fashion. My aim is to determine whether the matriculants of St. Dunstan’s spend their money on fast fashion at affordable prices rather than buying luxury clothes in order to be able to fit in. This aim will be achieved through primary research, which will be conducted through a survey and secondary research, which is from sources from the internet. Fast fashion are clothes that are affordable and that have been brought from the catwalk to the public in a matter of weeks. Stores like H&M, Zara and Forever 21 are all examples of the fast fashion industry which shows how involved we all are in this massive industry.

My research question questions whether the teenagers in St Dunstan’s prefer spending their money on fast fashion or on luxury fashion or if their clothing and what their wear isn’t that much of a priority. I am also questioning the underlying statement of whether or not they buy fast fashion to be able to fit into the popular trends, which affects their self-esteem. And so goes my research question: do most matric pupils at St Dunstan’s support the fast fashion industry in order to be trendy and fit in with society whilst buying trendy clothes that are affordable? Fast fashion considers the self-esteem and personal acceptance of teenagers through the style of the clothing as well as through the price. Scope The scope involves the students of St Dunstan’s who are in matric. To get a more accurate result I will be researching and surveying both the boys and girls in the grade.

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My aim is to validate that fast fashion helps teenagers reach their self-esteem goals and their self-confidence goals. . It is also to determine whether the matriculates of St Dunstan’s spend their money on fast fashion at affordable prices rather than buying luxury clothes in order to be able to fit in. Hypothesis The fast fashion industry aids teenagers at St Dunstan’s College reach their trend goals and self-esteem needs which are included in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

The sources that I have gathered represent both advantages and disadvantages of fast fashion. This is done to give you equal research on fast fashion and to ensure that I do not take sides and have considered both negative and positive aspects of the topic. The first source relates to my topic as the article mentions what fast fashion is and what benefits it has to offer. The article mentions how affordable fast fashion and how low income people are still able to look fashionable without breaking the bank. The article also mentions how the opportunity to buy trendy affordable clothes increases your self-esteem which is what my tasks is all about. The second source speaks more about the advantages of fast fashion and the aspects that come from fast fashion like constant change, its speed and how there is always something new which does relate to my task topic as my topic talks about fast fashion and the impacts of it.

Source 3, mentions the effects of clothes on a person’s self-esteem and confidence. This article validates the first article more as it links trendy clothes, fast fashion, with the psychological needs of a person in order to feel good about themselves. The first article backs up my research question as it proves the positive effects of the fast fashion and how positive it makes the buyer feel as the clothes are affordable yet very trendy. The second article speaks more of the direct impacts it has in society but does not specifically mention how fast fashion benefits people with their self-esteem and social class. The third article links more with the first article as it speaks about the emotional side of hoe a person feels when wearing the right clothes, this can relate to my topic because those psychological aspects play the most important role when being able to look trendy whilst being affordable.

Both articles 1 and 2 are directly proportional. The more trendy clothes, the more confident you feel. This article backs up my task topic and helps carry my point across through its validating content that fast fashion has a positive influence for the consumer. The second article is more factual and proves more of the economical side of the fast fashion and the characteristics of it. It backs up the point of that fast fashion is beneficial to the consumer. Article 3 is the most researched article out of the three when it comes to clothing and clothing psychology. The content in this article makes the topic look more researched and more factual due to the studies and surveys taken in order to prove that a lovely looking outfit can make you feel lovely. The content in all three of these articles help prove my point of the positive effect of clothing on a person’s self-confidence through trendy clothing. Flavia Martinez studies at Amherst College. She is a blogger and has written and posted many articles about current social situations. She is recognized on the website This blog post was posted last year April which makes the content still very new.

In source 2, Mrunal Belvalkar is also a blogger and has posted her article on a website called The second source is also quite current as it was posted in 2012. Jill L. Ferguson, the blogger of article 3, is involved with a blogging website called Just like articles 1 and 2, all of these authors are a part of blogging website where they can write about their opinions and findings. Her piece of writing was posted on the 2nd of May 2016 and updated on the Feb 05, 2017 which means that her content is also very current. This article is the only bit of information that mentions the relationship between both fast fashion and a person’s social class and self-esteem. The other articles that I have chosen mention how clothing affects a person’s personal choices and self-confidence. Both articles 2 and 3 are more statistical as there are more specific points mentioned about fast fashion and its characteristics. In article 2 and 3, it does back up how fast fashion can improve one’s self esteem and it is not specifically mentioned.

In all 3 sources, it is mentioned how much of a positive influence clothing can make on one’s life through choice of clothing, pricing and trends. The author in the first source has not written a bias article as she has elaborated on the advantages and the disadvantages of fast fashion. She has not only mentioned the benefits of fast fashion but she has also taken into consideration of the negative impacts that fast fashion exerts onto the environment. In the second article the content is quite biased as it only looks at the positive effects it has on both the retailor and the consumer. She has not mentioned any negative effects it has on other factors which shows a very one sided piece of information about fast fashion and so does article 3 as it explains the positive effect clothing can have on a person. The author is not well known but her content is very descriptive and helpful towards my task topic. She has also written about many other current topics in society which might get herself recognized. The content was posted on April 1,2017so the content is very recent which means the information is still helpful and not outdated, so researchers are still able to use this work. The author who wrote the second source is not popular too. Her type of article can be written by other people who are educated in the fashion field, her work is very basic and there are many more authors who would write similar things as her. Her work was updated by January 3rd, 2012, this means her work is also current and can still be helpful to people.

Article 3 is also current. The author of article 3 is not popular but has been involved with many different organizations in which she receives her information from. I think the author of source 3 could be more recognized due to her being involved with many other parties. Source 2 is more factual than source 1 because the second source has mentioned more historical facts about Zara and has also mentioned the direct effect of certain points that branch off of fast fashion compared to source 1, the first source was more based people’s emotions pertaining to fast fashion and its psychological aspects on people when dealing with fast fashion.

Article 3 has more research done upon the topic through the University of Hertfordshire (U.K.), the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a survey done with Kia in which was all done to carry through that clothing is important in holding ones self-image. All three of the sources complement each other in order to bring one point across, two of the articles prove the psychological aspects of fast fashion and the one explaining how beneficial fast fashion is to the low income person as not only is it affordable but considers the acceptance of the person in society.


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