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How I Changed the Way of Life

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Many times things go wrong in life, a person always try to escape from these situation, sometimes he or she may achieve in this battle but it always don’t go in same way. Everything in life happens for some reason that gives us a new experience, a person should always try to accept these situations in their life. I remember a time in my life, when everything was going wrong, even my parents started scolding me.

I was not getting good marks in my studies. My father scolded me most of the times. I was getting irritated at little things and also had a fight with my friends. (Little information about my family) My father worked as an army person and now he works as a drawing teacher in school. Because of this, I travelled different parts of India. Between this time, I bought one book named “Hints for self-culture”. It is well said that book have the ability that can make a person day dreamer. Books have the ability to change the viewpoint of a person. They can teach us, move us and also can make our personality better. So moving back to my story, I started reading that book every day to change the way of my own thinking. Travelling around different corners of India, getting to know about different culture and keep yourself motivated with the help of that book was the best thing of my life. All these things shifted who I am, who I want to be and how I perceive myself.

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My story took place around my high school grades and being crazy about foreign countries. In 2016, I passed my 12th grade from high school with 70%. After my results, I tried my best to convince my father to send me to Canada for my further studies but he did not supported me for this. Instead of this, he send me to learn typing on stenographer. After 2 months of attending typing class, I got certificate from the teacher and by the side I continued my studies in college. After completing my B. Com 1st year, my father insisted me to do IELTS and in May, 2017 I started coaching of IELTS and on the side I applied for passport. After 2 months of coaching, I had my IELTS exam and got my results after 13 days of exam. I got overall 6 bands but I lose bands in my speaking. At this time, I started losing hope to accomplish my Canada dream. I disappointed my father and he was very angry with me due to that results. He said lots of things in anger like “boys are better than me who scored so good in this test”, “I wasted money on you”, “you will never be serious for your studies”, “you don’t have any goal for your life”, etcetera. This was the time that I feel so guilty in my life. So I promised my father that give me one more chance and I will surely get good marks in my next exam and I will not disappoint you.

Another exam took place and I got 7 bands, my father was proud of me and I was happy too. I learn that never try to give up on things because great things always takes time. Now, I am here in Canada because of my parents and my hard work and trying to accomplish my goals here and make my parents feel proud always. At last, I can say that I’m going to make my rest of life the best of my life.


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