How I Imporved My Writing Skills with Professional Communication Course

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Writing is not an easy task. It took a lot of time and courage for me to start learning about writing things. It seems like fighting a battle for me to write something. I am trying my best to learn how to write creatively. When I was young, I want to become a good writer. During my school time, I participated in many writing competitions. My confidence was high in school because my teachers always appreciate my efforts. My life totally changed, when I left my country and chose Canada for my further studies. I have faced some bad experiences as well in this journey. When I was in second semester of my college, I got C- grade in my English course. My confidence was totally crushed. During this period my teacher was very rude and unhelpful. I tried my best to prove my worth in that subject but failed. In my fourth semester, I took introduction to professional communication. I considered it as a new beginning of my life to learn something new about writing.

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The first day of this class was very exciting and surprising for me. The teacher was so helpful. It is an online course. By considering the difficulty of communication between students, she divided us into groups and asked us to stay in touch with each other during this course. In my opinion, that was a wonderful idea. It makes us to share our ideas with each other. Different types of writing are assigned by our teacher every week. These writings are helping me to improve my skills to write. With every single writing I am learning new innovative ways to understand the concepts logically. I learned a lot of things through our first assignment. It was basically an assignment that targets group of audiences. I described the different communication pattern between three persons. Afterwards, I have to read someone’s else’s draft and recommend them some changes as an audience. By analyzing somebody’s essay I learned to represent my thoughts in a persuasive way.

Through this course, I learned about the significance of MAP that is message, audience and purpose. I also accomplished various things from the feedback given by teacher as well as writing short sentences and organizing. Furthermore, my biggest problem is the procedure of writing essays like citations. For example, I was not aware how to cite resources in writing. My instructor personally invites me to meet her and taught me few things about citation. Besides this, I learned about some interesting things such as the way to break some bad or good news to someone. I was bad at delivering news to others. By having a group activity to provide bad news to other person, I studied the way to correct someone on their mistake. Moreover, completing each week’s group activity, I am improving myself in creating an argument. As moving ahead in this course, I am noticing a lot of improvement in my writing abilities. I did some research work as well. I did research on Vancouver’s homelessness and learned exciting things like the difference between primary, secondary and territory resources. In addition, I took help from the kpu library to learn about the scholar sources. Even I started writing something.

The writing is knowledge cheap and deep.

But I promised myself to keep.

Improving the skills by learning through each passing week.

Collecting awareness heap and going for my beauty sleep.

I know it is not good. I am happy from the class so far. I earned many things such as confidence to write things like my poem. After completing this course, I want to continue polishing my skills of writing. It is honor to have teachers, who supports you and present at right time when you need them.

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