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The last essay I wrote was actually a Childhood obesity. The assignment was to evaluate a controversial Childhood obesity become a part of American life. This is a rapidly growing issue because many kids and young affected by this disease. After analyzing the initial question, I realized that this was an issue I had never thought about. Although I was interested in the topic itself, I was extremely nervous because, this essay would determine what English class I would be placed in.

Before writing, I tried to put myself in a teacher’s position, imagining how one would feel reading an essay which has been written on childhood obesity. This allowed me to better understand the position I was taking on the issue and have a better connection with my audience. Before I began my writing process, I made sure I had read over the article numerous times so I could fully understand what the issue was and, ultimately, what I would be writing about. After reading through the article carefully, I took notes and highlighted the main thoughts and ideas within the article. I only focused on points that supported my argument so I knew what I was going to use in my essay. Once I had all of my notes in front of me, I finally chose the specific points I wanted to make and figured out exactly what my thesis would be.

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Determining the three main points that I was going to use in my thesis were very difficult to decide due to the amount of information I add. To narrow down the points I constructed an outline. First, I put all the points on the top of a blank piece of paper, then I wrote information about the points under them to see which points had the most supporting information. I started the essay with an introductory paragraph, which I gave a brief overview of what my essay was going to be about. I clearly stated my thesis and my opinion on childhood obesity. Then, I was on to my first body paragraph, in which I would elaborate on my first point in my thesis.

I finally finished my first body paragraph and wrote the next to two paragraphs on the following points without any stoppage or trouble. All I had to do was look over my notes and specific highlighted points and piece it all together making sure it made sense. Finally, I came to the conclusion. I think the conclusion is the most important part of the essay. It is the final thing you get to say to your readers, so I wanted to make sure it was amazing. I restated my thesis stating my three points that I previously explained and wrote similar facts that I wrote in my opening, trying not to make it too repetitive. My first draft was finally complete. Since I had been working on the essay for a while I decided to take a break for a little before I started my revision process.

Next it was time to revise my work before I submitted it. This shows that looking for the big mistakes first is the first thing you should start with in your revision process. I also made sure each paragraph had a specific point which defended my thesis and that there was use of supportive facts to back up my thoughts and ideas on the issue. Most of my supportive facts came from the notes I had made earlier while reading the article and the other points were from my personal point of view.

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