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How Immigration help to Escape Violence

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Your heart beats against your chest as you clutched your little sister’s small hand. The smoke filled your lungs as the two of you ran through the devastated town you used to live in. You both witnessed the cruel death of your parents. Where do you go now? Home is not an option; there is nothing left of it. Your parents spoke of the United States where war is nonexistent. The journey will be long and difficult, but you know it will be worth it. This story represents the struggle many immigrants encountered before coming to the United States. As a result, America does not need tougher immigration laws. Immigration allows for people from war bound countries to escape, it allows for an expansion of skills on a society that is proudly ethnically diverse, and it provides protection for individuals who were wrongly accused or expatriated.

First, immigration allows for people to escape war bound countries. Many people in the United States do not realize how lucky they are to not be constantly in war with another state. Some of us are lucky to not worry about where our next meal will come from, or whether if we will eat at all. We do not have to worry about when and where the next terrorist attack will be. Although access to the US does not guarantee financial stability, immigrants will be much safer than they were in their home countries. I know that neither us could stand watching a child no older than six fight for their own.

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Next, immigration allows for an expansion of diverse skills on a society that is proudly ethnically diverse. Our nation is built upon various cultures from across the globe. We are even called a ‘nation of immigrants’ to many other countries. Recognize the words café? It is borrowed from the French language as a ‘coffeehouse’ or ‘coffee.’ Many living in the US has a connection to family living abroad. Culture to them is as important as life itself. They value what makes them stand out without being worried of punishment from the government. Instead, we embrace distinct cultures through holidays, celebrations, events, performances and many other ways. Also, you know those jobs which no one likes to do? Slaughterhouse workers, coal miners, farm workers and fishing workers are just a few to point out. Most immigrants are suck with these jobs. They will be forced to take these jobs to pay for their families’ while being away from home for weeks or even months. This should not be the ‘American life’ many dream of. The skills immigrants have should be used in jobs they excel in and could inspire others as well.

Lastly, immigration provides protection for individuals who were wrongly accused in their home country. Imagine being imprisoned because you fought for what you believe in. In the United States, this is unthinkable. Many countries do not have this luxury we take for granted. Also in our country, we are protected from false accusations that are not proven by law. This is not the case in many third world countries, especially when an individual is of a higher social class. Being stripped away from your family because of a false accusation is something we do not honor here. Giving them a proper life in the United States will potentially save thousands of lives.

On the other hand, loose immigration laws may increase the chance of terrorism in the US. Terrorism tends to occur from mostly Muslim countries not only in the United States but in European countries as well. Although some of these facts are true, tougher immigration laws will not prevent all forms of terrorism in the United States. There is research proven that most terrorist attacks in our country are due to American-born citizens. With that in mind, more Americans cause terrorist attacks than immigrants. If we think solely of terrorism in our country, we are not providing the help we have available for others in need.

In conclusion, America does not need tougher immigration laws. Instead, we need to focus on in-state issues such as gun violence and food deserts. Immigrations allows for citizens of other countries to escape violence. Here, we are lucky to not worry of war or waking up to see your parents slaughtered for defying the government. Immigration also brings unique cultures and expertise to the United States. It improves the diversity of occupations in the country and exposes innovative ways of thinking to children. It also provides protection for those who do not deserve to be imprisoned. Although many are afraid of possible terrorist threats, the danger is simply not present. Our children will be safe if we protect ourselves from the inside first. The same person who has lost almost everything in another country has an opportunity in ours. Before you assume the worst of someone, think about what they may have gone through to breathe the same air you do.


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