The Influence of Clothing on the Performance in the Heat

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One factor could be biological. Biological systems, like a human body, are constantly being pushed away from their balance points. For instance, when exercising, muscles tend to increase heat production, pushing the body’s temperature upward. Similarly, when drinking a glass of cola, blood glucose goes up.

Homeostasis is happening constantly in human bodies, which acts in maintaining a stable, relatively constant internal environment. It depends on the ability of human body to detect and oppose these changes. The body maintains homeostasis for many factors in addition to temperature. Humans, along with all other birds and mammals are endotherms, which mean that they are animals that actively maintain a stable body temperature by generating heat.

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“Strongest people or things continue to live or be successful, while the others die or fail,” (from Herbert Spencer’s Survival of the Fittest).

Long ago, a unique method for controlling the rate of heat loss was developed by humans which was accepted and called clothing. In line with this heat loss, this clothing focuses on providing insulation that could lessen it. How much of a person's skin is covered by the clothing and how thick the clothing is, determines how much insulation it provides and how much heat it conserves.

Animals in the wild don't have clothing to increase their insulation. However, most endothermic animals do have a layer of insulation in the form of fur, feathers or a thick layer of fat. Many animals experience changes in the thickness of these insulating layers to respond to seasonal changes in temperature. In addition, when mammals get cold, they immediately respond by raising their fur which increases the thickness of their insulation.

The main advantage of having a stable body temperature is that it allows optimization of normal body functions, metabolism and enzymes to a specific set temperature. This ensures that no matter what the environmental conditions, as long as the animal maintains temperature homeostasis, it will still be able to perform all normal body functions at or near optimal levels.

It is innate to people the context of adaptation. People are into unconsciously repeating the ideas on their environment through the use of their senses and observation. People learn the dynamics of their surrounding culture, worldviews, and the environment they are moving in.

Human body needs to be at its equilibrium. For example, if a person's temperature is raised to about 41 degrees Celsius, which is quite alarming, the negative feedback systems stop operating. A person with a high fever has hot and dry skin if they do sweat to help cool it. Moreover, people would most likely depend their outfits on a reasonable way, considering their geographic location and as well as the current season they have. In Korea, the fashion of using thick-based jackets and scarfs are very in-demand. Unlike in the Philippines, the kind of fashion Koreans prefer is very seasonal to the Filipinos, knowing the geographical location of the Philippines (near the Equator).

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