How Juliet’s Character and Personality Drastically Changes When She Meets Her Love Romeo

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People’s actions, points of view and personality often change drastically over time because of new people in their life and major changes in their lives. William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet is a perfect example of how people can change over time through the character Juliet. Juliet starts off as your average innocent and harmless 14 year old teenage girl, then when she meets Romeo it all changes she becomes more outgoing and all of her choices are focused and based around Romeo, and by the end of the play she is very impulsive and is making big decisions based on what Romeo is doing.

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At the beginning of the play Juliet is very innocent because she is so young and obedient to her parents on the marriage situation and doesn't want to argue and dis-respect her parents decision. She proves this by saying to Romeo “Saints do not move, through grant for prayers sake”. What Juliet is saying is that Romeo should make the first move and kiss her because she has never been in this situation before because she is so young. Juliet also shows her innocents and obedience through her thoughts on marriage. When the Nurse and Lady capulet talk to Juliet about her marrying Paris she responds with, 'It is an honour that (she) dream(s) not of”. What Juliet is saying is that marriage is an honour but she doesn't really have any feelings about it because she hasn't put much thought into it because of her age and innocents. In conclusion, Juliet is very young and innocent and it is shown multiple times at the start of the play and towards the end, she is also obedient towards her parents and her opinion on marriage at the beginning of the play proves her obedience and innocences.

Later on in play Juliet is going against her parents knowledge and wishes by sneaking out of the house and skipping out on things to go see Romeo. She sneaks out a night to go see Romeo and they both know if they get caught they will never be able to see each other again and will be in a lot of trouble as said by Juliet “If they do see thee they will murder thee” . What that means is that since the Capulets and the Montagues are enemies and if anyone finds out about them being together they will never see each other again and there will be even more tension between the families but they are both willing to take that risk because they are so deeply in love. She is also thinking and making her own decisions on marriage without her parents knowledge and is willing to make drastic changes for Romeo and take big risks. For example Juliet says “My grace is like to be my wedding bed”  what she’s saying is that if she doesn't marry Romeo she may as well be dead because she can't live without Romeo. Juliet also goes against her parents wishes by refusing to marry Paris by saying to her parents “(She) will not marry yet, and when (she) does, (she) swear(s) it shall be Romeo”. Which means Juliet is not ready right now to marry someone but when she is it will be Romeo and no one else. By juliet telling her parents this it shows that she has really grown up and matured and is taking matters into her own hands and doesn't need or want her parents opinions or help on anything anymore.

Towards the end of the play Juliet becomes very impulsive and disregarding to other people's opinions and advice. She first shows theses traits while talking to the nurse when she ignores the nurses advice on who to marry “(She) think(s) (she will be) (happier) in this second match”. What the nurse is referring to is that Juliet thinks she will be happier on “the second match” of love with Romeo instead of Paris. The nurse is almost more of a parent to Juliet than her actual parents are and for her to just brush off her advice really shows that nothing will stop her from being with Romeo. Juliet also takes a potion so it seems like she died because she can't marry Romeo but before she takes the potion she says to herself “Farewell god knows when we shall meet again”. Just this act shows how impulsive she is by just taking a potion because things aren't going perfectly instead of using logic and fully thinking through her problems and solutions. Lastly when Juliet kills herself because Romeo did it shows how impulsive and disregarding she is. It shows that she's impulsive because right when she found out he was dead she killed herself without even thinking once just so she could be with Romeo again, she didn't try to give herself time to try and move on or see if a relationship with Paris would work she just did it without thinking. All of theses things clearly show how impulsive and disregarding Juliet has become from the start of the play to now.

In conclusion Juliet’s character and personality drastically changes throughout the story from the beginning to the end she starts off as your average innocent and harmless 14 year old teenage girl, then when she meets Romeo she becomes more outgoing and all of her choices based around Romeo and their love, by the end of the play she is very impulsive and disregarding to everyone and anyone who tries to get in the way or has any doubts in Juliet and Romeo. 

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