How Leprechaun Resort of Northern Territory of Australia Can Enhance the Guest Experience


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Concept of smart hotel is developed with the development of smart devices like smartphones and smartwatches by the people in their daily activities. And this project is about how hotels mobile app helps in enhancing the guest’s experience in a hotel using smart technology. Guest can use smartphone to make a booking, to check-in, use/book various facilities of hotel, check-out and even write a review about their stay in a hotel.

Unlike traditional method which requires metal or plastic key to access the lock this project will allow guest to unlock the room using their smartphones. It can unlock the door using internet and secured networking channel used in hotel. Once a guest download and login into the app it generates and store a unique key in both hotel server and users mobile. When he reaches the hotel he just opens the app select door (e.g. elevator, gym or pool) and press unlock. Once unlock button is pressed unique code is sent to hotel server from the mobile. Once the code is matched it will open the door reserved for the guest. With this technology guest doesn’t have to wait in reception to get a new key to be programmed and go to the door to insert, swipe or twist the key. Now Guests unlock their room while they are on the way to room. They can also open the room for their partner or friend when they are away from the hotel. It saves a lot of time for the guest and stress to the hotel.

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Background/description of context/need/benefits

Explain the context of the project, why it’s needed, where appropriate, the intended audience for the final project product and project stakeholders

Inspired from the technology used by Hilton hotel chain in 2016. This research will highlight how Leprechaun Resort of Northern Territory of Australia can enhance the guest experience by using hotels app to do various function in hotel.

Technology enhances the daily life of people so as it can while travelling. My research about digital key for hotel door is to understand guest experience in hotel while using modern technologies. It creates a first impression to the guest while checking in in the hotel. Initially most tourists or visitors staying in hotels of Northern Territory, especially Darwin will be the first to experience this technology and later it will be adopted throughout the country.

Nobody wants to wait in front desk for check-in or paperwork after a long flight or tiring meeting, so the digital key can be the future of hospitality. Guest needs to download hotel app in their smartphone, check-in through the app, and unlock the app through the app itself. Same with the pool or gym. Now they don’t have to worry about carrying extra key or losing card key. Most hotel will charge expensive amount for the loss or damage of the key and they will also ask for deposit for second set of the key if required. With this digital lock guest can share the app with his partner and use it as a second set of keys. This can also be beneficial to the hotel as it minimizes the rate of losing key because people give extra care to their smartphones and won’t lose it.

Include some initial research as appropriate.

Digital key system was first used in Hilton hotel chain of US in 2016 and later other few hotels also adopted this technology. This technology got good reviews from 250 properties who adopted digital key system.

Some guests were not satisfied with this product as they have to spend longer time on the door then using magnetic strip plastic card. Taking a phone out of my pocket, unlocking it, opening the app, prompting Digital Key and waiting for it to scan for enabled locks, takes around 15 seconds, which sounds OK, but it’s around 13 seconds longer than using a plastic card.

Outline the project benefits for you personally, your client where relevant and in the broader IT context.

Aim/s & objectives

àTo find the development and implementation cost and process of smartphone app for The Leprechaun Resort and to predict the effectiveness of the system. This research paper will also highlight the limits and drawbacks of using traditional key and methods to use various facilities of the hotel. After this project guest can check-in and unlock their room with their smartphone and they do not need to carry extra set of physical keys.


Include what’s in scope; out of scope; assumptions, constraints


Technology can uplift hospitality in multiple ways. Using smartphone app to use different features of the hotel is one of them. This project will focus on guest experience on their stay in hotel starting from booking and finishing upon checkout. app helps guest to check in with their app from anywhere, and they will get to pick their own room, with images to find the perfect view for them. They can order comforts like food, drinks or more pillows and they will be waiting in their room on arrival. This research will also focus on development and implementation cost of the system and user review of the app. This research will also include feedbacks from the guest and suggestions that will help to further improve their experience in hotel.


After the implementation of this system in The Leprechaun Resort, number of direct booking will increase as guest wants to use this new feature for the first time in Northern Territory.

I assume that this system can be implemented within a year in all hotel rooms of The Leprechaun resort. We will use third party for the installation of this system in hotel and it will be available for few regular guests during initial stage of implementation. It is supposed to take about 4 weeks to solve major problems that may arise in the system after the implementation.


Both type of key should work during initial phase of implementation to minimize the risk of guest dissatisfaction. Being a new technology research is going to be challenging as only few hotels have applied it. We do not have enough users’ feedbacks and reviews to predict the effectiveness of the system. Moreover, being the first in Northern Territory we do not have much idea on how Territorian’s will take this technology.

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