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How Level of Education Can Be Changed

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Schools play a major role in empowerment thus being the number one factor of poverty eradication in the economy. Transformation in the education system has financed students hence stimulating their critical thinking in finding solutions to their problems. Through evaluation, minority children were found to perform poorly due to segregation in schools by the rich who could finance their own education. The poorly performing schools had less or no facilities such as laboratories and libraries hence resulting to low results compared to others. Inequality in the society and their environment proportionately indicated their lifestyle in the adult life. Education in conjunction with the surroundings plays a major role in poverty fight. Accordingly, the essay discusses various ways that can be implemented to establish an improved education system.

Different approaches have been identified that can improve learning skills within the schools. Project-based learning approach is one where a student would go beyond textbooks and use the concepts in real world scenarios. As a result students’ capability to use different research documents and data that there are exposed to wider knowledgeable context. Improved comprehension skill and multidimensional view learned concepts facilitate improved performance (Ingersoll al et. 80).

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Integrated studies approach uses a transformative system to improve students learning skills from different disciplines. School may combine different subjects such as history and art so that different forms of knowledge and expression as a single discipline. Dronkers and Rolf Van der Velden (76), students are made to critically think beyond so that they can identify for themselves the different forms of subjects forming a single discipline. The approach expands literacy level of all students beyond the traditionally acquired skills.

Cooperative learning among students should be embraced from their culture and lifestyle. Team works are cultivated to hence better decision making from different views of the students when working on a project. The learning system enables students to acquire dynamic skills such as collaboration, emotions management, and conflict resolutions. Moreover, the weak students are coached by the brighter ones hence creating a better foundation that lead to an overall tremendous performance in schools and society.

Adoptions of comprehensive assessment approach in the institutions enable identification of strengths and weaknesses of the students. Through this, the teachers are able to help the students in their weak areas by improving their learning skills and methods of teaching. The students’ comprehensive profile of their performance is improved thus transforming their standard of the education system. Adoption of technology used by self-sponsored schools can transform numerous aspects that facilitate better learning techniques. With the exposure to the internet, a better platform is created to research on various areas of interest. In this light, schools are transformed to nature the students at their point of need thus greater performance.

Lastly, the society could find ways to improve the education system by either providing a favorable and a conducive environment to the schools around them or even giving their moral support to the institutions fraternity. Moreover, parents are supposed to be models hence should participate in the school activities to achieve the set goals. The government should partner with the schools to build and establish better learning technics in a standardized education system (.Battiste, 116). Consequently, provision of critical necessities in schools by government organizations and volunteer learning.

In conclusion, various approaches have been implemented to pivot the education system in the society. Many players have been linked to see the success and improvement of learning skills. The cooperation of the students, teachers, society and the government have been the stakeholders of the better performance through its participation to transform lives through education.


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