How Light Pollution Effect Environment, Animals, and Human Life

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Since people began to use electric light widely, a new type of pollution has been founded by more and more people. That new type of pollution is called Light Pollution. In the 19th and 20th centuries, people use electric light everywhere. Many people considered that under the light, crime had a low rate to happen. So for the sift, the government put electric light everywhere. Also, electric light is lighter than candles that more useful for human life and work. People have always been proud of their home had a light. All of those reasons made a great invention gradually became pollution and have a terrible effect. When these bad effects are noticed, people begin to discuss whether light pollution should be reduced or not. Light pollution increases animal mortality, changes the type of environment, and increases human disease. These reasons convince us that we should reduce light pollution.

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Before lamps were in widespread use, nature creatures grew around with natural light such as sun, moon, and stars. This natural light gives them energy and points their direction. But more and more light pollution causes many animals to get lost within light sources. Here are two examples of animals get lost from artificial light and died of it. One example is light pollution increasing the death rate of baby sea turtles. Turtles used to lay eggs on beaches, baby turtles that hatch at night instinctively crawl out of the dark dunes and go to the brighter ocean horizon. Nevertheless, humans built many cities and ports beside the sea. Those places have a large population and it means a large amount of artificial lighting. Those artificial lights cause baby turtles to find the wrong direction. They go away from the ocean with no food and water. Thus the wrong direction is the way to death. The other example is the migrating bird. During their travel, migratory birds always need to cross the cities. The glasses of skyscrapers can reflect light (artificial light and sunlight). So tired migratory birds often fail to distinguish the glasses behind the light. They fly with high speed to get into the city, then go to the bright places and crash to the glass hardly. Migratory birds always die because of a crash of the glasses. Thus, artificial light is one of the causes of migratory birds died during migration. Through all of the effects that light pollution produced on animals, people should reduce the use of lights.

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