The Impact of Terrorism on Local Police Departments

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Many departments are using community policing to combat terrorism. It is useful because they can strengthen resilience in the community to combat this problem. These useful tips in community policing could help combat terrorism such as: Engaging, Building Trust, Educating, and Problem Solving. This could come with several problems such as the community not wanting to trust and work with police. This could be due to previous bad experiences with police here in America, or outside the country. Racial profiling could also play a major factor in this. And lastly, police departments may not have enough resources to support the training, staff, and special assignments of community policing, especially in the demanding fiscal times.

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But by engaging the community, community police officers can meet and establish personal relationships with community leaders that opens more dialogue. They can also build relationships with community organizations, faith-based and interfaith programs (Weine, 2017). Building trust is another important step in which community officers work to build honest and open words on crucial issues. These issues include terrorism, hate crimes, and discrimination with leaders and members of the community. They confirm and promote understanding of the communities traumatizing past and current needs and strengths. Police tries to be transparent as possible to fight crime and maintain their conduct. Community officers can also educate communities about crime such as hate crimes, police work, and community resources to fight criminal activity. This can be done by building knowledge and awareness in communities about violent bigotry and how to prevent it. And finally, officers can solve problems with helping and responding to their community’s current problems. They include: Islamophobia, discrimination, and hate crimes and speech. They can also help community members access to resources to address, social, legal, mental, and physical health problems. They help immigrants’ refugees by encouraging integration and addressing their safety concerns. They give communities knowledge and skills to address the level of threat of individuals and teach them on how to react.

“The War on Cops” important topics

The 1st topic Heather that I want to discuss was about the Laquan McDonald case she was right about how the shooting was wrong. In the course material’s talks about how officer should asset the threat first rather than shoot first and ask questions later. Officer Jason Van Dyke chose to it the stupid way and did that and was charged for murder for murder in which he deserved. Another point was a caller stating we in the black community don’t want police around. The caller in my opinion was stupid to mention we need stop and frisk. No, we don’t, what we need is more diversified police officers to patrol our community without having most the white males causing some of the issues as I talked about in week 3. Lastly, about the Black Lives Matter movement. I understand they are annoying at times and push their agenda to just police issues rather than our issues at hand. I will however disagree with her on Obama fueling the flames against police officers which he wasn’t trying to do. When Eric Holder was Attorney General, I had a lot of respect for him addressing Ferguson situation. He addressed racial profiling, investigating of the Ferguson Police Department in which they were ticketing for profit, and the handling of the Michael Brown case. I only wish more had been done to correct these issues in the criminal justice system.

Final Takeaway

The last video I like was the several Democratic past responses on illegal immigration. As a current Democrat voter, I never knew how much they hated illegal immigration back then. Of course, today, that’s the big issue currently being talked about now. What I really don’t get was Nancy Pelosi’s reaction about illegal immigration in the past where she recently filibustered for 8 hrs. in favor of them months ago. My opinion about illegal immigration is simple: come here, fill out your papers, obey the law, work for a living, and get your citizenship the RIGHT way. Crossing the border illegally is not only wrong, but to me it’s annoying because you’re making a burden on your fellow people trying to do the right way. I really don’t think this so-called wall will do much of nothing as well. The Berlin wall didn’t work as well so how will Trump’s wall will? I consider myself a Moderate/Conservative Democratic. I oppose abortion, illegal immigration, and support lowering taxes for everyone. I know VCU is the most liberal college here in Virginia, so when comes to politics and things like this I tend to be reserved and quiet around the other students here. Because some of them unfortunately, like Rudy Giuliani said after Trump was elected in 2016 most of the college kids are “spoiled crybabies.” although I’m not a fan of Rudy at all, he was right about that statement because other college campuses were offering.

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