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How Long Does It Take to Ship the Pressure Washer?

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Time- how long does it take to ship the pressure washer? When will it be delivered? Is it possible to order expedited shipping if needed?

Warrantee/returns- find out what the warranty covers and what the payback is if something goes wrong. Is there a return policy- what is the policy and how are returns made? In addition, whether you choose to buy online or in retail stores, make sure to find out how the unit will be serviced, both within and beyond the warranty period.

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Functionality of site- the best sites are clearly organized and easy to navigate. The best sites will also let you search easily by price or category to quickly find the pressure washer that would best fit your needs.

Customer service- online pressure washer stores are more likely to have different options to check the status of an order, verify delivery, answer any questions or help in any other way, such as toll-free numbers, email, and other online tools. Help with any of these items using a retail store might require a personal visit or phone call to the store (during normal business hours, of course).

Shipping- shipping costs add to the total cost of anything you buy online, but this cost is usually offset compared to buying in a store because you typically don’t need to pay sales tax. Compare shipping costs among online sites as they may vary, and make sure to find out if shipping insurance is included or available as an option.

The main advantage to shopping for pressure washers in retail stores is that you can see and touch the unit for yourself; you can also bring the pressure washer home that day instead of waiting a few days or weeks for shipping. In contrast, shopping online can be a lot more convenient and efficient than driving across and around town to visit the various stores in person, especially if there is no store close to you. Shopping online for pressure washers can also be done 24 hours a day. You may want to combine in-store and online shopping- you can either do your research online and then visit a store to see and touch the items you are considering, or you can visit a store to find what pressure washer(s) you like, and then go online to find the best deal on that pressure washer.

To go a step further in finding the right pressure washer for you, it might pay to ask your friends and neighbors if they have had any experience with specific pressure washer models. In addition to personal referrals, you can find out if any of the pressure washer manufacturers or models have earned the endorsement of any legitimate, third party rating entity. Finally, you may consider brand name as a criteria. Generally, the best-known and most successful businesses are those that make a good product and earn a good reputation over time.

In conclusion, we hope you have found the information we have put together for you useful. We recognize that this guide was in no way exhaustive, and that there is more to pressure washers than what is included here. We suggest that you use the information in this guide as a starting point in your search for the right pressure washer for you.


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