How Media Uses Sports to Promote Itself

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Before 1992 there, were there types of media, tv newspaper and radio. The TV Channels consistent of BBC1 2 and ITV. Therefore all sports were shown on these channels meaning the targets audience was mostly men and young people as there was no direct way of them receiving fixture information.

Before sky sports BT sport-football fixture were played on a Saturday at 3mp, with highlight on match of the day at around 9mp . but now due to the popularity and tv right, football fixture are played throughout the week range od different times. for example, Monday night football Wednesday night football, Friday night football Saturday early kick-off Saturday evening and super Sundays

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This means now people have to but channels to watch their team play on TV.

How media uses sorts to promote it self

Also others sports such cricket (20/20) and rugby play midweek games after 5mp so fans can either go home and watch the game or watch in through tv internet radio.

As the media has advanced Newspaper have now moved online instead of being released by midday on Saturday afternoon , furthermore social media has been introduced meaning that media is reaching all types of audience.

The result of this is there is sports being covered which means that the sports receive more sponsorships. Large media companies such as sky Euro sports and BT sports are fighting for coverage rights of all sports as they see this as a massive commodity in global markets. These channels have involved and have over 10 channels dedicated to sports (SKY SPORTS 1SKY SPORTS NEWS BT SPORTS 1 euros sports 1)

How media uses sports to promotes itself: 3 example

Social media platform’s such as Facebook twitter and YouTube are filed with sports clubs and teams promoting their teams information’s. For example during football matches on BT and sky, they will do live Twitter polls so the Fans can have the point of view on the match and best players.

Sky sports often offer different sports packages so fans will pay money to purchase the subscription and watch the game through sky tv sky online .for example after rugby fixtures on the weekend you can view the whole match or highlight via sky go online platform

Many newspaper outlets such as Daily Mail telegraph guardian sun and others all have live online apps or websites so they can update sports information regularly. They also have radio links so you can listen live on their websites. For example during the ashes, all the newspaper apps and websites had live coverage of the match whilst BBC five live delivered the commentary.

Radio stations such as talk sports, BBC five live sports plus and talk radio shows on a range of different sporting events they will offer live commentary so fans can listen to the matches whilst at work or if they do not have tv subscription as the radio is free to acces.

How media uses sports to promote itself

However due the media having a impact on the sports, there has been a loss in traditional values. For example football fixture are played throughout the week whereas before they were played at 3pm on a Saturday. Rugby fixtures can also be viewed throughout the week, Friday nights especially. Cricket has developed a new games called 20/20 in the hope of attracting’s.

How sports uses the media to promote itself

In recent years, sports clubs and teams have decide to promote themselves through a range of media outlets such as TV internet Blogs. This allows the team/club to provide information and merchandise opportunities for a specific target audience , the fans. For example, footballs teams such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester UTD have their own TV channel on sky and virgin Where you can watch highlight club interviews and training clips. This allows the team to promote themselves as fans from all over the world can watch and subscribe to the channel.

How sport uses the media to promote itself

Many sports have adopted their rules or changed them so the sports becomes more exciting to watch, which means more people becomes involved and interested. For example, crickets develop 20/20 (T20). Which means two teams have 20 overs each. The game is played in one day, whereas traditional games can be spread over a week. Also football now use VAR a method which allows referees to overrule any decision, such as sanctions and goals . Finally rugby union changed the amount of points received during a try and added in a bonus point of you score more than 4 tries. These changes have helped the sports becomes more attractable and increase interest.

How sport uses the media to promote itself

Radio stations can be accessed through on line websites and apps, which means they are more accessible for all. Many radio stations such as talk sports and five have live phone in shows so fans can talk about their teams performance. Majority of the talk shows are conducted by ex-athletes, so they can offer specific sporting details. For example, five live have Robbie savage (ex footballer) and Andrew flitoff(ex crickets) so they can use their experience when talking about relevant sports events.

Sports as a commodity

Commodity is a business term which means a products which can be bought and sold. Due to the media promoting the sports they receive a lot of money from sponsorship deals, this means that sports such as badminton receive more funding which allow it to become a professional sports. However, the majority of the games are shown on euro sports which is not as popular as sky,BT and ESPN.

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