How Memorials Adapt to the Environment and It Helps for People's Feelings

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Memorials are built to remember the victims, heroes, or famous people in a specific location. Also, it helps people to remember important historical events and heal emotionally. Especially it is vital for people who lost their family members or friends in that particular event. Usually, people feel better coming to the memorial and seeing the names of their loved ones written on it or the panel near the memorial. Not only it lets them heal emotionally and feel better, but also, tourists and people walking by are going to remember them. Moreover, monuments and memorials are a part of the city, nature, or county side landscape. In the way memorial designed, it creates the emotion of that place and feeling. Not only statues are historical remainder and helps with the healing, but also, it is a massive part of the landscape. It is a challenge for the architect to create a memorial which would represent the historical event and would adapt to the surrounding by the shape and material. Architecture, which represents the memory, is vital for these memorials, which are in the first instance about feeling rather than thinking.

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The first memorial I am writing about is the 9/11 memorial located at Ground Zero in New York City. It was built on September 12, 2011, by architect Michael Arad to remember a massive tragedy of terror attack and all lost victims.3 This memorial leaves a colossal dot to the American landscape by its size and meaningless. This memorial is different from other 9/11 memorials as the vibrant city surrounds the memorial. Ground Zero Memorial stands out of it size and unique landscape. All elements in the site are chosen to create best atmosphere and feeling for the visitors.

 Before arriving at either waterfall, visitors can hear the loud sound of the memorial. The sound of water there exceeds the loud and busy Manhattan. Not only trees are creating wonderful landscape in the city center but also helps people cover from sun and blocks city sound. This memorial by its majesty and size helps for the people to remember their loved ones and this tragic historical event. Heavy security surrounds the memorial and before entering the site, visitors are required showed passes and go through a security screening.

The story begins with its end, showing that in the post 9/11 world, security takes precedence over memorializing. This heavy security is because of painful experience and it constantly reminds for the visitors of 9/11’s lasting impact on liberty and security. After security is passed at either of the two pools are welcomed by their immensity and momentousness. Waterfalls flow over each side to pool at the bottom, draining into a mysterious dark pit in the center. Young’s  descriptions of the design process note that the only people who can assuredly understand the lasting impact of 9/11 are friends and families who lost loved ones. The names carved out of the bronze address their memories. The rest are left to contemplate the massive holes and waterfalls that mark where the towers once stood with little detail. 


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