How Mistakes Help Us Become Better a Person and Learn


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We are flawed creatures and that is what adds to the beauty of humankind. There is not a soul on earth who hasn’t made a mistake in a lifetime. Mistakes have two faces. They always carry a lesson with them, like two sides of the same coin.

The way one perceives mistakes says it all. They can either make you or break you. If you see what it’s trying to teach you, you’ll be a better person. But, if you let it weigh on you, you will never be able to come out of it.

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Today we are going to discuss 7 ways how mistakes help us become better people.

Help us come face to face with our demons:

Most of us like to live in oblivion. We avoid facing our darkness, expecting it to vanish away. A mistake that shakes our foundation, helps us come face to face with what needs to change in us. It helps us recognize what leads us to commit that mistake in the first place.

We try to humanize the demons and blame them and, in a way, celebrate them. We do everything in our power not to accept that those are a part of us. if we want to change, we need to come face to face with those faults and demons. Because we can’t treat something until we know what we need treatment for.

Help us make better choices:

Most of the problems we invite into our lives are because of the choices we make. We are all learning on the go and it’s normal if certain mistakes make us question those choices. Let’s understand it with an example. If as a child we hadn’t cut ourselves with the sharp end of a knife, how would we know that we are not supposed to do that?

Sometimes making a mistake with certain choices helps you make better ones. Ironically, you make better decisions after you have messed up. What we need to keep in mind is to not get stuck at that wrong choice and move on to making better ones in the future.

Make us humble:

Sometimes we become too proud to accept that we can be wrong. Mistakes help with that. It kills whatever high-headed creature lived inside of us that was hindering our growth.

Mistakes help us come to terms with the fact that we aren’t perfect. We make mistakes, we sometimes hurt people, and that we need to change. That want to change our ways defines the rest of our lives.

Help us understand that sometimes we are the problem:

We try to blame everyone but ourselves. When something bad happens, we see something wrong with everything but us. The best way to deal with something is knowing that sometimes we are the problem. We are not helpless victims but active participants.

Any mistake that leads us to a problem has some connection to us. Mistakes sometimes lead us to the realization where we can stop being the victims and start being the heroes of our lives.

Helps us be smarter:

Do you know how whenever we tried to eat ice cream all at once, we got a brain freeze? And the next time we had an ice cream we remembered the brain freeze and slowed down. The same is the case with mistakes. Once we do something terribly stupid, we gain an insight to be smarter next time. We trust less, build boundaries, say the necessary no from time to time, and get better at life.

Teach us the art of listening:

The biggest mistake anyone of us can ever make is to never listen. Whenever we are investing in a mistake the first step is to turn blind eye to all the signs. The second step is to stop listening to anything someone has to say to prevent you from making a mistake. The third is to stick with the mistake until it crashes your world to pieces.

But the upside is that after that mistake we learn how to listen. We don’t defend our shortcomings anymore and listen for self-improvement.

Prevent us from deflecting from the path to self-discovery:

The consequences of mistakes are sometimes very harsh. They break us and it takes a lot of time to get back up. But those mistakes prevent us from deflecting from the path of self-discovery. We are all looking for our place in the book of life and mistakes are digressions. The lessons we learn from our mistakes help us come back where we digressed from and continue.

I know how hard it is to make a mistake and see anything good in it. But if we try a little harder, we see that what it’s trying to teach us is much better. As Maya Angelo has put it:

‘Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.’ 

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