The Violation of Religious Values by the Modern Society

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Have you felt different in a way of your religious beliefs and practices. Has anyone ever called you a terrorist or asked you how many Gods you have and why you believe in such irrational things. Or why we even believe in God when we never seen him before. Well it is because modern society has changed so much over the past couple of years and influenced lots of people into seeing different perspectives. Modern culture developed in areas of the plant as human society grew larger.

In the modern culture of mainstream Canada and America, most people consist families of two parents and 2 to 3 children. However, immigrants that come far away (e.g. rural areas) to places like North America which is an urban area, they have no clue about what a modern society is like because they probably came from a place where they deeply respect and show affection to their religion through religious adherents; practices. Not only immigrants, but people that are very religious show up dressed differently in public when compared to modern society as modern people dressing is normal as people who don’t dress like them are seen as abnormal people.

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So what is religion? Religion is a fundamental part of human dignity as it is far more than just a lifestyle, but rather the deepest part of a person and who they are. In a way, traditional culture and modern culture are alike because any culture is a system of learned and shared meanings that start from one generation and passed on to the next. Violating a person’s religious belief and their values is like violating the very core of the person’s being. Religions generally promote ethical behavior in their adherents as they strive to obey the law and respect the authority of the state. If modern society had to shut down these religious beliefs and practices, they will not only lose benefits from it, nonetheless likely to face a comeback from religious adherents; for the wrong actions they made, they believe their religion will come across consequences to come upon them. Religion is held together by families, clans, tribes and people as they believe it gives strength and recovery over their mistakes. They were also enjoyed by our human ancestor. Although of this reasoning, modern society tends to spread out and build empires, to capitalize on many resources as possible as held together by power and not by people and relationships.

In modern society, beliefs totally differ as people learn that their personal life separates them from their business life, for example that church is separate from their normal day life. During the week Monday to Friday, we can be smart businessmen in competitive fields where we are winners but at the same time dreadful losers. On the weekend Saturday and Sunday, we go to church or the temple and ask for forgiveness from our lord and Gods for our sins, yet repeal into making the same omissions again.

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