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The Importance of Morality in Our Lives

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What I am going to talk about is probably a little bit of a difficult topic. Because everyone has different perspectives, making a clear conclusion might be hard for him or her. However, The examples of my personal experience and morality that are related to religious will totally demonstrate that how morality is important in our lives.

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This story is about when I was in high school. Since my dream was to become a social worker, I was passinate of helping other people. At that time, I did volunteer work for a long time since my high school teacher recommended me to do so. However, In that period of time, I think I enjoyed meeting friends or staff in the service rather than helping the other people. I, maybe, enjoyed more after the volunteer work. But, by keep spending time to help people, I had a sense of responsibility. However, as I often saw bad scenes about teachers and volunteer groups as the service period grew longer, I saw that 2 years of volunteer work was not the same as the inital purpose of the conflict.

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While all jobs and organizations will be equally applied, I think that there are some jobs that need higher moral standards than the other. For example, it would be fair to say that those who work in such jobs as doctors, hospitals, teachers and schools that teach students, judges and courts who have to judge fairly, have a higher standard of moral values than the average person. But, I think the moral values of those who work for volunteer organizations should be much higher than those who have these jobs. People whose job are Social worker, a youth leader, or a youth counselor, if they think about it incorrectly, the absence of a moral value system happens in a moment. Since there’s much work to be done on a meager salary, and he or she does not get the credit from people, but he or she is working on it with conviction, and I am worried that that belief is also being destroyed in a moment by moral hazard. People say that if one keeps the things he or she learned in kindergarten, he or she will live without quarreling even after he or she become adults. At some point, one end up forgetting all the lessons he or she learned from his or her childhood and insisting that he or she is better at each other. It can be a matter of competition driven social structure, a self-absorbing ego, or just randomly ignoring people.

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Now a little familiar story goes on. It is because an individual can be somewhat moralized by reason or religion, but a group cannot. Let’s start with an individual discussion. As reason develops, you become more aware of your own motives, impulses, and other needs, thus improving your ability to reconcile conflicting urges in your life and society. It is a increase in moral ability. The development of reason and the growth of the mind gradually contribute to the formation of fair and just relationships. Because it puts all of society’s impulses under control in relation to a comprehensive social vision, and it also fosters insight to analyze all the factors in the social situation. Let’s talk about religion. Religion values and propagates the sprit of repentance. Abstinence is the enduring characteristic of all religious life, and love is emphasized by virtue of losing. Religion has such a strong moral resource that it brings the hope of idealists and moralists who want to save society through it. The sprit of religion exerts great power to purify his or hwe life and give it a healthy social relationship.


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