The Main Theme in Book "Mr. Blue" by Myles Connolly

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The book Mr. Blue, by Myles Connolly provides a lot of insight about how a human being should live. Throughout the book, Mr. Blue does everything he can to live a faith-filled life, and to never lose sight of the important things.

Mr. Blue goes through a few major changes in the book. He starts off a poor man. Despite him having barely any money to survive, he still remains joyful, and doesn’t seem to care that he is living in a state of poverty. He lives his life always remaining happy and following Jesus. He does his best to always care for others. One day, Mr. Blue receives a large sum of money from his uncle. He gives it a lot of it away to charity, and after a short amount of time, he is back to being poor again. He is left with barely any money, and nowhere to live. He eventually does find a place to live, on the roof of a tall building. Mr. Blue is filled with peace and optimism living in this odd place. Instead of focusing on the things he doesn’t have, he focuses on all the blessings in his new home, such as the fresh air and the stars. He still always believes that his deeds are very important, and that he should always remain faithful to Christ. I believe that this is the way everyone should live. Even in his hardships, Mr. Blue always remained a Christian who cared for everyone, which I believe is a truth that we, too, should seek out. If everyone could live their lives not caring about material things and doing what God desires, the world would be just as God wants it to be, which would be such a beautiful thing.

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Towards the end of the book, Mr. Blue decides to make a vow to live his life in poverty for Jesus. He wants to devote his entire life to God, because he feels like he didn’t do enough to earn his happiness. Thus, he lives his life eating little and earning little. Eventually, he works for a lumber yard with a man named Joe. Joe is a drunkard, and Mr. Blue always helps him get home and makes sure he is safe. One day, Joe and Mr. Blue are coming home, when a car is about to hit Joe. Mr. Blue saves Joe, but gets hit by the car. While he is in the hospital, he tries to cheer other up and to tell them about Jesus. However, he soon dies. The narrator of the story, who had been recalling Mr. Blue’s life, is upset that Mr. Blue had died, because he was such a good man. He didn’t understand why it had to happen to a man who was so devoted to living in the way Jesus would want. But we, after reading the book, can realize that Mr. Blue died a hero. He was a very kindhearted man who always followed Jesus, and he sacrificed his life for someone else. We should live the way Mr. Blue lived, because it is truly the way to get to Heaven and spend eternity with Jesus.

While Mr. Blue’s way of living may not have seemed ideal, we can follow his example. By doing so, we will learn to follow God’s will. Mr. Blue lived just the way that a good Catholic should live, and by following his example, we can follow God’s plan for us.

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