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Analysing the Cost of Quality Bong: Production and Used Resources

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Alright, you love bongs and you get what you pay for. But why are some bongs so expensive? What makes one particular better than the next? This is something that’s muddled a lot and continually appears to be confusing as to which is better. This question has been asked many times before and no one seem to know of a solid answer. Majorities don’t see how an expensive bong is going to outperform a $20 plastic bong. They do the same thing, they filter smoke through water, and then you inhale it. Some settle for the cheaper ones and even makeshifts. Many may have not understand why such a piece of glass can be so expensive. You see some bongs that look identical and one is $250 more than the other. So what’s the deal? We can understand that glass thickness is one key matter. But what about the rest?

No kidding, if you have fun smoking out of plastic bottles, it’s something that on the off chance, you’ll probably never know.

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People throw down large amounts for quality bongs for few reasons.

Process of making

Different factors can play into the prices of a bong, but the most key is how much labor the artist put in to the piece. No bong will ever out due the ones built professionally. It’s sentimental and one of a kind with the power to make you say one hit’s all I need. Those glass blowers put thought and design into a bong. The glorious detailed glass made with disciplined from scratch through the end process. Glass bongs are better for all except one, price. They are more visually attractive, taste is comparable to none because it taste neutral, unlike metal and plastic. You would not want a smoke that tastes like plastic and metal that’s why many stoners prefer a glass bong over a plastic bong. When working with glass there is no limits to shapes and colors. They are pieces of art, they can be infused with color changing chemicals that make them better as you smoke. If you doubt with the price but can’t make one yourself then yes it is worth extra big. What can we say? These babies are complete and utter work of art. All in all a rare and collectable piece for that once in a lifetime purchase. And nothing can beat the feeling of smooth glass on your face.

Trusted Brands

A lot of people don’t mind the price when it comes to expensive and high-end bongs because there’s no need to buy another bong again. All in quality. Unless you break it or get caught in public. Let’s give this car analogy as an example. Any half decent car will get you from point A to point B, yet people spend huge amounts of money to have a fancier car with more features and attractive qualities. A typical car will take you 70 miles in an hour to work, a Ferrari make take 50 minutes to go that distance, but cost 9 times more. And you still want the Ferrari. End point is that people will buy it no matter what the price is. Given you don’t have to buy a mean ass branded bong for some nice replica. You can go with it. But there’s nothing like a quality brand.

Features that enhance smoking

Have you ever take a bus, train or plane? Why spend all that money if you could just walk? It’s all about comfort and performance. Why would you buy a $1500 bong that performs the same as a $150 one? The answer to that question is that you wouldn’t want to do that. If the performance is the same. However, the performance isn’t the same. The end result probably the same, but certainly not the performance. Performance and end result are two different things. Make up one of those any other bongs then take some hits off of a branded bong and you can tell if the performance is the same. There’s nothing like a good bong, and if you blow out the smoke and the cloud clears and the first thing you see is your massive glass bong with a/c in diffuser you just feel good. And no other bong under that price can even stand in its shadow.

For most people who invest in high quality bongs, it becomes somewhat of a hobby. You can have yours custom made for you. It’s fun how you can buy add-ons, custom slides or one-off slides, diffusers, and so on. Exactly the way you want it. There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes after you take a big rip off of your top of the line bong, sit that baby on the table, and sit back and admire what a beautiful device it really is. And the bragging rights. Whether or not you want to admit it, you know it’s true. You can tell a lot about a man by the quality of his bong. You’ll be the envy of your buddies as well as having a great bong for life.

Many stoners who basically smoked out of homemade finally have no question after getting a quality bong. If you fail to understand why, we’ll have to say you’ve never used one. There are much more artistic and aesthetically pleasing bongs out there for less if that’s what you’re interested in. But there’s nothing like a quality rig. Get smart, save then buy a bong. There are plenty of high end bongs on Chillwaze you could check out – it’s all about the quality. Some guys collect bongs but always realized they used one more than the rest. In conclusion, all you need is one bong so buy big.


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