The Positive Effects of Friendship in My Life


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Everybody had that kind of attitude that needs to be change cause it limit us to do what we want to do and there is someone who could help us to change our life so for me it is my girl best Friend. So my story started when I was in elementary it is hard for me to have a friend because I am very shy kid, even if my classmate approach me I ignore them because I feel that I’m different from them so I choose to be alone. In our classroom I’m a loner no one with me, all I think is all about my grades.

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So my life is boring I don’t have experience in playing at school with other students, after the class I will go home. Until I reach junior high school I don’t have a lot of friend because of my shyness it limit to do the things that I want like participating in different activities in our school, talking to my classmate and even order food in fast food chain I can’t because of shyness. One day when I’m in the Mapeh hall with my only one close classmate we saw a girl wearing an eyeglass then my classmate call her ,she look at us like she think that we are making fun of her so she ignore us and walked very fast. When I got home when I open my Facebook she send me a friend request so I accept it then after an hour she message me, she said why are you always laughing when you saw me?, I answer because of the things you are doing.

Until we become close in Facebook so we decided to talked in personal in first I could not talk because of my shyness and the same time awkward because she was a girl, but because of her very funny attitude I managed to get along with her, starting that day we’re always together she taught me everything that I can’t do like making friend and communicating with other people and she taught me to more strong and how to lessen my shyness. In grade 10 we became classmate so I am comfortable because she was with me and after a month almost all of my classmates had been my friend.

Until one day I never knew that she change me a lot in a good way from being a loner to a friendly person, now I have make a lot of friends outside and inside of school and my shyness is no more it is because of her. I’m happy because I met her she never asked anything exchange of the things that she have done for me. But one day sad to say she was diagnose with a disease that she need to undergo operation, so her mother decided to went to Davao for her medication. In first I don’t want her to left because she was very important best friend to me but I don’t have a choice because it is for her own good. For me it is hard to adjust but I managed because she left me lots of friend. So this is how person change my life.

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