How My Family Influenced My Development as an Individual and My Values

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I am an honest man. I am dedicated and hard working. I value the relationships of those who are closest to me. Four main pillars that build up my personality; although I did not choose these values, they all work together to shape who, and what my identity is.

As a sophomore in high school, most people can agree that I am a good student. I aswell can say that I am a responsible, and hard-working person. My favourite subjects are math, and science, where I would hope one day to pursue a career in one of these fields. I have always valued being successful in, and out of school.

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An inspiration for me came from when I was a young child, for when my grandparents said that if I kept up my grades, then I could get a good paying job. I have always desired to have a good paying job, as it reflects and signifies, for the most part, on how successful you were in life. Another major influence for me wanting, and having a desire to be successful, are my parents. They have always showed, and presented to me what hard work can do for you, and how it can positively impact your life.

Which brings me to my next value; family. Family is a group of individuals who share a genetic bond, but for many people, family mean much more. My family has always brought positivity and eagerness into my life, whether it being spending time on the beach, or overall being there for me when I need it. Family is crucial part of everyone's lives, as they provide love, support, and a framework of values to one another. Family Members teach each other, serve one another, and share life's joys and sorrows. Families also provide a setting of growth to each other, where we can all build off of past experiences.

Since I was born, my family has always made the significance profound to me of family values. These values that they showed the importance of, would help shape who I am, and help me in a positive manner. The family morals would include: courtesy, responsability, patience, respect, and honesty; and these have worked together to shape me, as my family has taught me how important they really are.

Out of all of the family values and traits, the particular one that I think is the most important to me is honesty. Honesty along with trust allows you to build positive relationships with friends, or family, and trust allows you to accept people in a positive way. Honesty is also important to me because it is one of the way people can judge you. If you are not considered an honest person, you won't have good friends, good business relationships, or perhaps even a good life.

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