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How Nurses Can Become More Empowered

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Description of the Organizational Characteristics of my Clinical Assignment Facility

The facility I currently have a clinical assignment is a private for-profit type of organization in which the health-care institution is operated for profit just like any other business. The facility provides particular medical attention such as surgical and diagnostic services. The culture of the organization is based on underlying assumptions and dominant beliefs and feelings and hence committed to treating each patient no matter the cost. The structuring of the facility has adopted the traditional approach, in that, a ranking of all employees of the institution is done based on hierarchical order beginning with the first health-care official heading towards the bottom.

The CEO of the organization is ranked at the top of the hierarchy table whereas the housekeeping and maintenance crew listed at the bottom. Nurses fall in the middle of the hierarchical chart, however, ranked higher than the cleaning personnel, aides, and health-care technicians but lower than physicians and administrators. The facility has the formal and informal goals which include but not limited to checking and restoring people to health, maintaining the existence of the organization by streamlining work and reducing of costs and expanding of organizational territories by adding new services.

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Definition of Power, and How It Affects the Relationships Between People of Different Disciplines in a Health-Care Organization.

Power is the ability of an individual to be able to influence other people notwithstanding their resistance by using authority to impose a will on them (Weiss & Tappen, 2015). The relationship between different disciplines within the health-care facility can sometimes be fragile. Health personnel may feel pressured to keep up with their duties especially when harboring unfavorable opinions about their boss. Managers are always worried about the confidence and determination of their working personnel, as low morale would lead to the creation of critical issues and hence affecting the performance and productivity of the facility (Kelly, 2012).

Therefore, positive power helps the foster healthy relationship between different people within the organization. For instance, the management team can exercise their power more efficiently by implementing employee recognition and rewards programs to help compensate and motivate an employee for duties and tasks well done (Kelly, 2012). Additionally, meetings and regular communications between people of different discipline within the health-care facility is very important as it bridges the gap between the manager and the employees, and hence the workers feel connected to the management (Kelly, 2012).

Ways in Which Nurses Can Become More Empowered

The top management team of the health-care organization can empower nurses by providing them with the opportunity to take part in important decision-making process primarily on issues related to the nurses. Additionally, nurses can become more empowered through the dedication of the nursing leadership and management towards improving the health and well-being of the nurses and representing the nurse’s issues of high significance to the state for indigent measures (Weiss & Tappen, 2015).

Are the Hospital’s Outcomes in Alignment with their Mission and Vision?

The mission and vision of an organization is the primary reason for its existence. This is because it reflects the fundamental values and beliefs of the top management team of the organization. Thus, the mission statement defines the mission, vision, statement of corporate philosophy and core values and the purpose of the organization. Therefore, the outcomes of the hospital are always in alignment with its mission and vision.

What is One Example Within your Chosen Institution that the Nurses Are Empowered?

The institution empowers nurses by recognizing their achievements through certification programs and courses, awards, monetary rewards and the media. Also, the competencies of the nurses are enhanced through publications and continuing education programs.


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