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How Playing Video Games Has Transformed from Hobby to Job Or Sport

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Playing videogames has become a very popular hobby around the world, but it wasn´t always like that, years ago playing videogames was considered a waste of time, but nowadays it is more than a hobby, now it´s also considered a job, and the people with this job sometimes makes more money than a normal employee. Videogames aren’t just considered a hobby and a job they’re also becoming a sport in all the world.

The first videogame in history was developed by a physicist named William Higginbotham in 1958, the name of the game was tennis for two, the game was very simple it consisted in a game field and there was two lines in each side which were moved by the players and a circle that bounced in the superior and inferior part of the screen, the objective was to score the ball in the opponent´s side. With the time, creating videogames has become more expensive than it was when the firsts videogames appeared, this is because a lot of things has been improved a lot since then, but also the time that takes a company to create a videogame has increased, before a videogame could be created in a few weeks and by only one person, but now it can last up to 2 years with a whole group of people working on it.

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Some people who played videogames as a hobby are now getting payed for that. One way to win money playing video games is by making gameplays and uploading them on YouTube or by making livestreams on twitch. Another way is to work in a videogame company, when a company is about to launch a game to the market first they need to make sure everything is ok so they pay people to play it and see if the game has any errors.

Videogame tournaments are very popular now, there has been 46 years since the first tournament was celebrated, the event was at Stanford University in California, the price for the first place was a subscription for the rolling stone magazine and the game was space war. But tournament rewards are better now with prices of millions of dollars or even more. And with a large variety of video games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, FIFA, etc.

The videogames market is now larger than music or cinema, with games like Minecraft that sold more than 100 millions of copies, this game is the number 3 of the top 3 list of games that have collected a lot of money in all time, then in the second place it’s Tetris that was launched in 1984, and since then it has sold a great amount of copies with 170 millions of copies sold, and the videogame that has collected more money of all the time is Grand Theft Auto 5 with six thousand million dollars and 90 million of copies, it has less copies sold than Minecraft or Tetris, but the price of each copy is higher than the other two.

The most popular videogame nowadays it’s Fornite it was launched on July 25, 2017 and since then it has the record of 3,4 million of people playing at the same time, and it has 45 million total users. The game is a battle royale which means that in a map a lot of people can be playing at the same time. The objective of this game is to be the last player alive by killing the other players, it has become very popular because it’s very addictive according to the users, the game gained 126 million dollars only in February, the game is free but it has accessories inside the game that can be bought with real money.

Finally, by taking a look to this essay maybe you can change your mind about video games, they aren’t useless like most of the people thinks, because if you are good at it, it can become your profession, and not only playing video games if you are good at your hobby, like video games it can turn into your job.


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