How Pollution Affects Human Life Negatively

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There are several impacts of Pollution on the Human life. But, two impacts of pollution are hostile. The first impact is on the human life and other living creatures which depend upon the atmosphere for their endurance. The other instant impact of pollution is on environment. In order to deliberate the impacts, it is essential to state each kind of pollution. There are three kinds of Pollution, which are mentioned below;


Air pollution is a kind of pollution which is caused by the emission of chemical impurities into the air by means of vehicles, pesticides and vaporizers which are the primary reason of air pollution. Today, Global warming is one of the biggest problems in the world, and production industries are the major perpetrators which have become a reason of increasing Air Pollution by emitting lethal fumes in the atmosphere through the process of production. The main reason of global warming is the continuous conversion in the climate, which is the instant Calamity of the world. Whereas, vehicles has become a reason of global warming has laid two particular ways of thinking. Certain people contend that manufacturing excess of vehicles (cars and trucks) and motivating the usage of automobiles plays a vital role in Global warming, because these cars emits carbon which is contributing in the increment of Global warming.

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Impacts of Air Pollution:

There are further two types of air pollution, Smog and soot. These two are the supreme predominant kinds of air pollution. Smog and soot which can also be called ground-level-Ozone, arises due to the reaction of fossil fuels with sunbeam. Soot is composed of minute atoms of different substances, dirt or dust in the form of gases and solids. Reasons and sources of both smoke and soot are same, both arise from automobiles, industries, furnaces, power plants and mechanical appliances, it means anything that emits toxic gas by the use of fossil fuels results in air pollution. The smallest elements of soot, either they are in shape of fume or entity are exclusively hazardous for the health of human because they infiltrate the lungs, blood circulation and bad cough which results in Heart attack and sometimes death. Smog may create infuriation in eyes and throat, specifically in children and people who are involved in outdoor activities and it is more inferior for Asthma Patients.


Water pollution is the second most important form of Pollution. Water pollution originates from the retention of toxic and precarious chemicals in the water. There are some other elements which create water pollution for example, slicks and tumbles. The most contemporary reason is the BP oil spill which instigates a huge impairment in the ocean.

Impacts of Water Pollution:

Water pollution may have influence on both telluric and marine life because water is the main source of survival for living things.

Impurity of water under the soil is the reason of polluted water which damages the reproductive system of wildlife in the environment. Manure, stimulants and overflow of pastorals encompasses some carbon gases, when released in to the water, causes the exhaustion of oxygen. Low level oxygen is not capable to sustain the aboriginal creatures of the environment and results in the disturbance of regular environmental balance in lakes and rivers. Adulterated swimming and drinking water can create skin problems and increases the chances of fetal diseases like cancer, typhoid, hormonal problem etc.


This is another form of pollution which arises from the cluttering and tumbles. It is essential to retain the soil free of contaminants. Soil is the major source of agriculture and food production and human beings are highly dependent upon it. Fertilizers used in the agricultural process are also the reason of increasing soil pollution.

Impacts of Soil Pollution:

Soil pollution usually causes the demise of plants and decrease in the agricultural feasibility of soil. It is also harmful for animals when they consume plants which are not protected from soil pollution.


By analyzing three kinds of pollution, it is concluded that pollution in environment is really hazardous for all living beings living on earth and also the reason of increasing Global Warming. Due to the pollution in environment plants and animals life is continuously decreasing and humans are s struggling through various fetal diseases. It’s very important to keep the environment clean to live a safe and healthy life.

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