How Romeo’s Love for Juliet Changes His Outlook on Life

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“By love, that first did prompt me to inquire.”  This quote from, Romeo and Juliet, connects the idea that Romeo lives his life based on Juliet. Romeo’s feelings toward Juliet are very passionate, and he would rather die than to experience the loss of her love. Romeo’s love for Juliet changes his outlook on life, because of behaviorism, making it difficult for him to live without her.

Feelings toward someone can compel a person to act a certain way. In this case, Romeo’s feelings toward Juliet makes him act abnormally, which can be caused by behaviorism. “Behaviorism is a worldview that assumes a learner is essentially passive, responding to environmental stimulus.” The environment around Romeo affects him by feeling emotional about love and wanting to experience it with Juliet, even though the societal norms don’t allow them to be together. Once he met Juliet, he felt like his life was complete, and he didn’t care that she was of a different household. “Alas, that love, whose view is muffles still. Should, without eyes see pathways to his will!”  Romeo is in love with Juliet and his love is controlling him. This all leads back to the behaviorism lens and the repetition of Romeo’s past relationships. This makes Romeo feel obligated to do whatever it takes to be with Juliet.

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Juliet uplifted Romeo’s life and made him more positive. “But soft, what light yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.”  He believes that Juliet transformed the darkness in his life into daylight, hense she is the “sun”. Before he met Juliet, he thought that Rosaline was his true love, but Juliet’s beauty completely changed his views on love. “But my true love has grown to such excess.” Romeo and Juliet’s love is indescribable and cannot be contained. The feelings expressed towards Juliet shows that she is the light of Romeo’s life.

Romeo would rather die than live without the love of his life. “Did you have no poison, no sharp knife, no weapon you could use to kill me quickly, nothing so disgraceful, except banishment?” This quote implies that he would rather be murdered than be banished from his city, and his love. He believes life without Juliet is pointless and that if they can’t be together, there is no reason to live. “Let me have a shot of poison, something that works so fast that the person who takes it will die as fast as gunpowder exploding into a canon.”  Coming across the news of Juliet’s “death”, Romeo wants to die with Juliet, so he wants to commit suicide. Death is the only way their love will be maintained.

Romeo’s life and love aren’t exactly controlled by Juliet. Juliet could be a reason for all of the unfortunate events taken place by Romeo, but she may not be the main reason. Romeo lives a very busy and complicated life, and all of the pressure from his parents, society, and gender roles can all have a negative effect on Romeo and his mental health. Gender roles can play a big role in the actions of Romeo. Romeo is very emotional and some would say that he has similar mannerisms to a woman. “Its easy for someone to joke about scars if they’ve never been cut.” Romeo overhears his friends making jokes about him and Juliet, which angers him. There is more to Romeo’s actions then just his love for Juliet.

In conclusion, Romeo’s love for Juliet changes his perspective on life, because of behaviorism. Romeo is controlled by his passionate feeling for Juliet. Romeo’s heart is a major cause for all of the hardships that were faced. Romeo isn’t Romeo unless Juliet is part of his life.     

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