How School Kills Creativity in Students

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Every child no matter who they have the right to an education but schools don’t prepare students for the real world instead they prepare us for the past. everybody is a genius. but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life believing that it is stupid.– Albert Einstein. dr. Leonard sommer a psychologist researched with shocking results. he asked more than a hundred creatives and futurists of 35 countries if they think their country’s education system is future-ready. at least 67.2% said they did not consider their education system future-ready. the majority of the respondents 84.8% state that creativity plays a minor role or is suppressed in schools. the next generation will live in a more innovative world which will bring other skills. to move forward in our world and in advance in technology, we need people who think more creatively and innovatively. the most important requirement to get a job in our new world is created. there is no more need for people who can only do what they are told because we already have robots and machines who can do those for us. 

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Every day for at least 14 years we go to school and we are given education or rather are force-feed random facts and formulas and made to regurgitate that information on tests to get a letter that determines success. tests that determine intelligence but the thing we really need to learn from school is creativity. schools don’t use creative interests. most of the time tests in schools measure intelligence. creativity is a form of intelligence but it is rarely tested. standardized testing has suppressed creativity by giving students the mentality that wrong answers are sins and should never be done. even though the wrong answer is how creativity is born. teachers think that the person with the highest grades is the smartest. this is not always true. there have been enough examples throughout the years where creative and smart people could not score well on the tests which school provided. Robert j. Sternberg who formulated the triarchic theory of intelligence and is a prominent figure in the research of human intelligence agrees with these statements. Imagine how many dancers artists and creative types had their potentials wasted because the system doesn’t have the time or patience to guide them in the right direction. instead, they give us disciplined to follow narrow paths and if we don’t conform were told that we failed. this system doesn’t allow students’ true creativity to blossom rather they tell us that is incorrect and lead us down the correct path which supposedly prepares us for the future. studies have shown that schools have been teaching us the same things in 2018 that students learned in 1918. if we don’t know what the future holds for us then how well schools prepare students for it. rather schools should teach students how to adapt to change as well as how to use their skills to benefit people. Many people have spoken out about this issue. the most famous speech was by a man named Ken Robinson who is premise was simple he claimed that our current education system strips young people of their natural creativity and curiosity by shaping them into a one-dimensional academic mold. he also suggested that this mold may work for some of us particularly but not everyone. he states for many of us our innate abilities and sprouting passions are at best ignored and at worst destroyed by modern schooling. 

Robinson’s main point suggests that students are bringing educated by force and students are being manipulated down a certain path. these suppress a child’s creativity and ability to educate themselves. People say we need to do good in school and what grades we get to determine how intelligent a person is. they say if you don’t do well in school you will fail in life but this couldn’t be further from the truth. we label them as were called daydreamers underachievers or troublemakers because they don’t submit to their standards and we’re always focused on something different. the politician Winston Churchill the scientist Albert Einstein the inventor Alexander Graham Bell. they too were labeled these names because of how different they were but all grew up to be highly skilled creative geniuses. schools create these barriers that don’t allow creativity to pass. they say there is only one answer to a question only one way to do this. one of the most important skills we need to learn from school isn’t being taught. true geniuses are people who are not afraid to be wrong and always ask questions. Now in my conclusion, I must say that if you ask any scientist they would say no two brains are alike but we still learn the same thing the same way acting as every child is the same. if a doctor prescribed the same medicine to every patient the results would be horrific. people would die but everyone is different but when it comes to education we find it okay to do the same thing. but something has to be changed. school not only kills creativity it destroys dreams causes mental health problems but still we call it the thing we need to succeed. policymakers who create the curriculums have never taught or stood in front of 30 kids expect their choices to be perfect. they think standardized testing is a way to determine success. but these tests are terrible and should be destroyed but you don’t have to believe me take the word of the man who created standardized testing Frederick j. Kelly said these tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned if we continue this way the results will be tragic. countries like Finland have made great steps in the change they have shorter school days creativity is highly prioritized and homework non-existent. but their education system outranks every other country in the world. they focus on creative innovation and ways to help our world rather than memorizing facts that hold no meaning. the way we educate students is wrong because if we really needed people who just follow orders and process numbers then we are just creating robots.  

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