How Selfies Can Lead to Surgery

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In the early 21st century and before that, technology was not that popular. There werephones that only had camera on the front and some didn’t even have no camera lens at all. Astime pushed ahead telephones began to change. Today majority of phones have front cameralens. The vast majority utilize the front camera lens to take an image of themselves. It give youan image that you can analysis see how you look. Some would compete with others to see whohas more like or followers on their page. At job interview, the interview can look at your postsand see what kind of social standards you have. Researchers have said “ people who post tomuch selfies are attention seekers, often they lack self confidence. ” With technology on the rise,there are tools that are present to you that can change image and perfect how you want it tobe. “Our society is becoming more and more preoccupied, obsessed with social media and imagesand photographs and what we look like,”Changing an image is not hard all it needs is to addfilters and other photo effects. Making the image real could be the hard thing. There are manyways why a selfie image could lead to cosmetic procedures, filters, hate comments, celebrityinfluence and many more.

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Most people are on social, media apps such as Instagram, snapchat and many more. Oftenthey would post pictures. Frequently they would post pictures of selfies. Selfies were added toMohamed 2the world reference in 2013, which was around the time when social media become popular. Social media is very popular among young adult. Young adult tend to stay on top of new trendsIf you where to look and see when social started to gain more popular, the rise of cosmeticprocedure also started to increase. Cosmetic surgery is very popular in young women. Having agreat selfie post can be a lot of pressure, trying to live up what people want you to be. In a recentdata shows that people get facial cosmetic procedure so they can improve their selfie pictures. Today the cosmetic surgery is a billion dollar procedure. Consistently we have new cell phones with better camera focal points. People can havebetter photo effects and new filters on their smartphone. Some may accuse tech companies fornot doing nothing about these new filters and photo effects. People can spend many hours addingfilter and photo effects to their selfie pics. You know the most popular apps, such as snapchatand Instagram comes with all these camera filters, it also comes with photo effects.

These filtersand effects can make someone’s skin look smooth, can add an ideal bone structure to their face,perfect nose shape. Often people use filters to hide their true self form and present an image thatthey want to be. These filters would demonstrate an image that you believe is a superior form ofyourself. “ People use filters and photo manipulation to create a fabricated second person toimpress society” As they start to look more at the filter pictures, they would start to fell in lovewith the better version of themselves. In the end, they would start to think about cosmeticprocedure a way that they can perfect themselves to that image. Many people would come intoclinic hospital with a picture of themselves and say they would want to become like this, thefilter pic. Mohamed 3Most people take a lot of selfies a day. Finding a good angle for a better post. Finding aperfect angle for a selfie plays an important role on taking a pic. If someone was taking a selfieand their angles don’t look that good.

They would think about getting a face lift and a nice sharpjawline. On their spare time, they would go back and look at all of their selfie pic. As they keeplooking at themselves, they would start to notice more about their facial highlights. They alsolook at other people’s selfies post and see how they look. Some might get appended to a specificpic and consider it for quite a while. A great deal of things could be going through their headsabout how they look, or what they can change about themselves to look more beautiful. “Peopleanalyse their selfies and decide if they need to change something on their face,”Today we haveapplications that can enable you to change some piece of your facial highlights, before you go tocosmetic specialist. The majority of this idea could prompt questioning yourself, and not feelingcomfortable with your one skin, which can lead to a path of cosmetic procedure. It can also behard on the doctors who are performing the procedure, because they are attempting to makeanother look that is not real. In that cosmetic process your face might become disfigured. Once you post a pic of yourself everyone can see it. They are people who would hidebehind their computers and say mean things. When someone posts a pic they would often look atthe comment section and see what people would say about their selfie picture. A person who isconfident would care are less about what they say in the comment section, but a person whodoubts themselves might think about the mean words used in the comments. If someone were tosay ‘oh you have a big forehead, ‘at that point they begin to feel embarrassed about their bigMohamed 4forehead. They would go back to their old selfie pics and see if they actually have a pic forehead. They start to analyze pictures from various individuals and check whether there is anydistinction. They start to hate all their selfie images. When walking in public they would covertheir forehead.

They think people might notice it, just how they noticed on the selfie post Theonly way they think that they can get out of this solution is to a medical procedure, because ofwhat someone said about their selfie pic. Celebrities play a big role in the cosmetic industry. One selfie post could get thosemillions of likes. An individual may admire a big name and look at their selfie pictures and seewhat sort of technique they had. People tend to follow the latest trend in cosmetic procedure,even if it is a Botox or a lip injunction an example would be, when a celebrity gets a lipinjunction post selfie, somebody else might wonder would I look good in my self-pic if I were toget a lip injunction. When reality tv star Kylie jenner got her lip injunction and post a selfie withher new lip plumb. It become viral. Many young and went a got a lip filler and started to postand new image with the lip injunction The Pressure to live up to today’s beauty standards, is verythough in young adult. They would imagine that they would get numerous more likes with theirnew cosmetic procedure that they had. Attempting to make the ideal selfie picture may prompt body dysmorphic. Which meansa person might be focused at any small problem on how they see themselves. They might end uptrying to get a cosmetic procedure to create the image that they want to be. Going through all thiscosmetic procedure can cause a lot of damage to a person’s mental problems. You can end upMohamed 5losing your own identity. Trying to be someone while not being yourself. What if you trying tocreate the perfect image and decide to get a cosmetic surgery, and not like the result. Doctorswho gives these plastic procedure don’t usually give them advice instead they would push themto get the cosmetic procedure. The doctor should send them to a therapist.

The therapist couldteach them how to love yourself. Far too many selfies can be some sort of a habit, and gettingexcessively surgery can likewise be some type of a compulsion. Many can argue taking selfiescan be a good thing, trying to put positive out there. You would have someone post pic ofthemselves covers with a lot face acne showing to be more comfortable with your skin,encouraging others to be self-confidence. Social media has become a place where you can be whatever you want to be. Selfies canbe an issue depending on how some use it. The impact of selfies could lead cosmeticprocedure. “The number of cosmetic procedures of all kinds has increased 115% since 2000,which many surgeons attribute to the rise of social media. ” People post selfies so they can beactive on social media. Some might just want to have more follower and become popular onsocial platform. One image could persuade individuals. It shows how perfect someone’s life is itbut in reality is not true. Looking at your own image could trigger a nerve. You start notice howyou look. Selfies have become a way were you can analysis and know more on how you look. You can spend many hours looking at yourself and notice all your flawless. Many people couldcompare a mirror that you carry with you everywhere you go, constantly looking at yourself andtaking a selfie. One little oversight could demolish a decent selfie picture.

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