How Should the Liberal Democratic Party View the Brexit

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On the 19th Dec. of English local time, Queen Elizabeth II of the UK delivered a 'Royal address' to elaborate on the future priorities of Prime Minister Johnson's government that the government must complete the brexit on January 31, 2020.And according to the report, this is the second time for the Queen Elizabeth II to deliver a 'Royal address' in two months. She said the government will carry out relevant legislation to ensure that the UK leaves the EU on that day. And next, it is necessary to reach a free trade agreement with the EU and establish future relations in order to ensure the national interests of Britain after brexit.

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Above of all, let us figure out what is brexit and why. Brexit means Britain exit the European Union. It can be summed up as an addition: Brexit=Britain+exit. Well why the British want to exit the EU. Because Britain's suspicion and distrust of the European Union have always existed, and some of the British Conservative Party members always doubt the EU. Not only that, they also believe that policies within the EU have a negative impact on the EU, and some future policy trends may also harm the interests of the UK. The spread of the European debt crisis not only made Britain's suspicion of Europe ferment rapidly, but also accelerated the pace of brexit.

Usually when it comes to the brexit, we have to talk about the Liberal Democrats Party and the Conservative Party .In fact, as early as 2010, the British Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party has formed a coalition government, with the Conservative leader Cameron as prime minister. The decision to leave Europe was exactly made by him on January 23, 2013. Thus, it's not hard to see that the Liberal Democratic Party actually supports the decision of brexit.

Previously, Tim Fallon, another leader of the Democratic and Liberal Party,. Based on the brexit, he raised three main problems to the British cabinet: whether to completely withdraw from the European common market; whether to withdraw from the European tariff agreement; and whether to abolish the European freedom of immigration? But the British cabinet did not agree on the three issues at all. Theresa May, the leader of the ruling conservative party, is becoming a weak government spokesman from the image of iron lady so that she had to resign as the leader of the conservative party on June 7, 2019.

 Liberal Democrats party & Brexit

Now, let's focus on how the Liberal Democrats party treat with the brexit. In fact, before the 2017 election, the LDP said it would hold a second referendum once its leaders were elected. Obviously, the UK was ready to use the brxit referendum to put pressure on the EU so as to gain more benefits in the process of brexit, but to their surprise, brxit's referendum was passed. This could be a heavy blow to the LDP.

What goes around comes around. Let me think about what will be the impact on Britain when it really brexit? Above of all, we need to think of the problem in two views. Brxit's impact on the UK is two-side. On the positive side, after brxit, the UK no longer needs to unify EU tariffs with the EU, which facilitates independent foreign economic policy making and does not need to pay high EU tariffs. The most important thing is to prevent a large number of refugees from entering the UK and causing social conflicts. After brexit, Britain has more autonomy and more flexible policies. But on the other hand, the development of EU integration is the trend of the world. EU countries are very small, so they must unite to compete with China, the United States, Russia .No matter in economy, politics or military, a unified EU is conducive to the development of EU countries.

The LDP also understands that, even though the brexit benefits to the UK a lot , from the perspective of national interests, it is very detrimental to the UK, on the one hand the Britain's economy has been in a slump, in the other hand the EU even demanded a huge break-up fee from the UK, which can be described as ' Go for wool and come home shorn '. Now more and more British people regret leaving the EU, so they have the idea of a second referendum by the LDP. Of course, holding a referendum without considering the national mood is also an important reason for the adoption of the referendum. Originally thought that such a pitiful and self harming referendum people were only acting together, but they didn't expect to be faked. As the everlasting Empire, the British people cherish the feeling of dominating the world and giving orders to others at any time. But after joining the EU, Britain had to give some power to the EU. It had been used to giving orders to others, but now it was someone else's turn to 'give orders'. The British people are certainly not happy about that, which has a lot to do with the recovery of extreme nationalism in Europe.

Meanwhile, although Britain's accession to the EU has benefited a lot, it has always been of two minds. The UK always thinks that it has made too much contribution for the EU, but that’s not the case. In 2014, the UK's net contribution to the EU budget (i.e. payment minus income) was £ 9.8 billion, but the UK did not consider its own income. What‘s more the EU is the UK's largest trading partner, with 44% of its exports and 47% of its imports both from Europe. Secondly, nearly half (48%) of UK's foreign investment comes from the EU, this made the EU to be a UK foreign investment. As a result, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party suffered what they did that the Britain successfully left the EU. Now even though the LDP try to fix everything, it is too late. What it can do is to swallow the 'bad results' brought by the domestic national mood.

From my view point, this movement has undoubtedly had a huge impact on the Liberal Democratic Party and the Conservatives Party. What the Liberal Democrats have to do is prepare for the brxit and take measure to solve the brunt of brexit. But in one word, the Liberal Democrats Party will have to pay for what they done eventually.

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