How Snapchat Had Grown Over the Years

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Snapchat was created by three students who were on their second year of university. Their names were Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, who were students at Stanford University. They used programming applications to develop the snapchat app. The programming they used were Python, iOS, Cocoa Touch, and PHP. For clouding, they used AWS, which is a very popular clouding in the IT industry. They also used NoSQL to access the database they created.

The three students launched the app on July 8, 2011. When the owners begin snapchatting; It got the young people attentions, and I was one of those people. I was in 9th grade in high school when it first got out. Everyone in my school was obsessed with the app. Everyone quickly adapted to the app, and also, it is a self-destructing app. The snapchat is unique because it erases messages several seconds after it has sent them, affording its users a higher level of privacy. You could even send private pictures and messages, or even photographs as messages if you do not want the other user to save the chat. You can also be in a group chat with people whom you do not know but have a mutual friend with the person who created the group. Snapchat falls into relational messages, where people can send each other pictures and messages. Where they do not have to live in the same state, you can even chat with someone who is across the globe. You can create a group chat and add all your friends in it. They do not have to be friends with each other. If you are not friends with someone, and you are in a group chat with that person. You could still see what they send to the group and send feedback to content. It became easier to become friends with others who are from a different country. Snapchat also falls into human communication where you can communicate with other.

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One of the updates is now: you can create a private story where certain people can see it. You pick whom you want on your own private story. For example: If you have over one thousand people on your account and you do not wish, everyone keeping up with your day-to-day activities. Snapchat made it easier for a user to post whatever they want without worrying about a person who they do not want to see their posts. Snapchat has a lot of features and still are adding more. Some of their features include location filters that contain different cities within states. It will also show you what is going on in those cities. Now they upgraded, they are getting into more details on precisely what store or restaurant you’re in. Snapchat also cues-filtered-out theory where someone who is shy and talks very softly, will look like their fearless, outgoing, and talkative on the app.

Snapchat interferes with couples. However, it creates trust issues and jealousy. When the other person tries to snoop on their partners snapchat account, they would not have any luck. Not only it has become harder since you can’t see the message after the owner of the account opens it. You can only see who they chat with, and that does not help when you do not see the messages. Snapchat made it easy for guys to cheat; Where the guys act single as if they not in a relationship. My first interviewer indicated that she was not a big fan of snapchat. Because she could not see her partner messaging other girls; She had no idea if he was flirting with other girls or making dinner plans with them. There are days that he will go missing in action on her, and she could not know where he is at for the day. It causes a significant problem in her relationship. She could not trust him or believe what he said the following morning. That is why now she does not use this app. It has been a year and a half since she login on her old account. Ever since she got into her new relationship, she has not been on snapchat, and her significant have not been as well. She is thrilled with this guy since they hate the app together. She does not worry about him like the same way she used to with her ex-boyfriend.

My other interviewer indicated that snapchat helped her with her business. She would not be where she is today if it was not for snapchat. She is a business owner; She owns a salon all over the world and clothesline stores as well. She has now launched a hundred percent organic health and beauty products. Snapchat made it easier for her to keep in touch with her customers. Feedback from her customers is crucial for her to see if the products they bought from her works for them. Her customers are her number one priority, and it is essential that her customers get the best quality products. One of her best-selling products is the Eczema treatment, where you could use it on your one-month-old infant. If he or she suffers from Eczema; This would be the best product for all ages, and that’s how organic her products are.

In conclusion; I believe snapchat had grown over the years, and now it has more filters. A new addition to snapchat is the gender swap filter, and everyone is obsessed with it. I also believe that everyone has their own opinions when it comes to snapchat; Where some people benefit from this app, while others dislike it. Those people who are entrepreneurs it positively impacts them. It also helps them grow their business.  

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