How Social Functioning Affects the Societal Factors

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How Social Functioning Affects The Societal Factors

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  • Reflective Essay in total Social Functioning affects the Societal Factors
  • An impaired social functioning
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Reflective Essay in total Social Functioning affects the Societal Factors

As Boehm (1958) cited that “Social functioning is also a social work practice concept” I agree to Boehm’s notion that social functioning as a central focus for social work practice, viewing that in terms of role interpretation, field work and methods as well as the agency services because as a future social worker we would be dealing the different client’s dilemma this practices and make an outcome to facilitate and also to give appropriate intervension.

Social functioning defines an every human being interact with their environment and the capacity to fulfill their function with in environments such as work, socil activities, and relationships through partners and family. It is how people influence through their environment and how to play their role in their family, groups, community facing the conflict with societal factors such as culture, economic, technology, spiritual, and politics.

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An impaired social functioning

The ability to maintain good relationships with peers, friends or perform work are significant dimensions that suit social functioning. Improving adaptation leads to better social functioning. Culture has been difficult to deal with mainly on relation to society development, I agree to that statement because culture is a big impact of our community or society. We all know that Philippines was colonized by Spain for more than three hundred years and nearly fifty years by United States, there are instances that we acquire those beliefs, attitude and values then maybe that’s the popular mind on Filipinos today.

Culture means our way of life we also respect each others culture, it measures the quality of our life through culture we can sense or feel our belongingness and also to relate and empathize to each other. Society characterized as the people who interact in a way to share over with culture people can easily define themselves to conform through language, norms, rules, tools, products, and institution. We had different terms of culture the Filipino families it is the traditional way that a woman marry the choosen one or the one that she love it is called romantic love, and in other culture the parents should choose the one who will youl marry and to spend your life with it is called arranged marriage. And also the when two total strangers people meet and get married we say that it is probably postmodern or maybe it’s the future trends.

Culture is important to the society because culture is build by the society. The role of economy is to help amend the market failures or the situation where the private market cannot maximize the worth or value that they can create to the society. The thing economy stands for us to survive and thrive economics it is important because it provides a framework for us to understand the action and decisions of businesses and government individuals and its implications for natural production and activity. It is said that according to Gustavo “Families economic situations are affected by broader factors in our society and those financial problems can lead to depression that hurts parent-child relationship”. I agree on what Gustavo said because family for me is as one team whenever one is injured all the part of the family is affected. Broader factors means social economic and political in our society which may affects the well being and development of children.

Technology is somewhat we are all familiar, technology make our daily living more convenient and comfortable from connecting through businesses, connecting to music, marketing and immediately connect and engage a conversation between two people around the world. Technology also has advantage and disadvantages, technology in the workplace and in the company has change the way we work it reduces human errors which can cause stress and too much work. Through internet we can reach the people around the globe not just by talking to them but also to seeing their faces and it reduces the loneliness to the people away to their families. Children is more engaged to this technology using computers, cellphones, and phablets can make their research output done in no time but there is a big impact of excessive uses of technology.

Children now spends more time at home than doing outdoor activities like playing and making friends with playmate, through exploring of the internet and curiosity children might lead to bullying, identity theft, lonliness, crimes, pornography, depression, it is also a time waster and addiction. Spirituality is like a connections to yourself and other, it is also rooted in nature or religion. Spirituality has a big role in every human being and all the individual experiences. Through culture our spiritual concept has being develop, spirituality shared several dimensions part of it is the meaning of life. In my opinion, life is the best gift that God gave me and for that I am forever greatful.

Through religions every individual understood and also experienced their spiritual interest. As a future social worker assessing my client to empower his or her spirituality first is you need to take care of yourself, make time for quite meditation, be kind to yourself, serve others, spend time in nature take a walk because it can help you feel more connected which is the key to spirituality and last is forgive and be thankful because spiritual means your happy.

Politics is the action, activities and the policies that used to gain power and an influence to the government. Policies now and then is a total different as the traditional family the role of husband and wife are clearly divide, husband has all major power to make the family decisions, while the wife labelled as a nurturer to her children to provide her husband needs, a woman don’t have the right to vote, to earn money and to have a voice to speak their rights. But then policies now has improve a wife could be an income earner and a right to vote. As a future social worker politics might be a barrier towards our profession, an examples for this is our municipality, a social worker can’t stands his or her values and ethical perspective because the man make use his power and make right things go wrong he will make his worker have a rough time, if worker should not do what he says a worker might lose his or her job.

On a critical perspective a man who has a power can do whatever he wants he gets. These societal factors had different issues in different settings it would be an advantage or disadvantages, important or inconsiderable. Societal factors are the things that influence our lifestyle, such as family, religion and wealth. Media influence, economic condition and changing demographic these can vary over time.


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