How Social Media Affects Our Lives

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 Social media is one of the tool for all of us to connect with our love ones. Many people are also using this as a way of getting updated about what’s happening in the world. Sometimes it is also use as a means of getting informations which are related to the education or studies of many students. We all know that social media can affects all of us. It provides positive and negative effects to all people. We will have a breakdown of those effects that social media can brings to us. 

Social media can brings positive effects to all. One of the positive effects of this to the young ones is for their studies. They use social media as a source of their learning and knowing new things. It is an open doorway for them to have exchanging information. It has become one of their way to have a different source to advance their learnings. It also helps them to reach or cooperate with their other peers. Social networks can also boost or build the self-confidence of one person. For example is a popular social network such as Facebook or instagram , etc,all of that make people feel good and proud about themselves due to the number of likes, shares and comments about their posts gives them a confidence to feel good about themselves. They also feel fit in others world and they can interact with other people and make them as their new friends. Many people also take this social media as their opportunity to showcase their talent such as posting the pictures that they capture, singing and making their own version of on song, even showing their dancing skills, cooking some dishes and teaching the viewers on how he cook that dish,and some are also showing their acting skills in drama, comedy or action.

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Meaning , the social media is their platform to show the best version of their self and to show to the world their talents and passion to do their favorite interest. Besides those effects, another positive effects of social media is helping many people to save time. For example, in communication, instead of going to your friends location just to talk with them, you can communicate with them through social media. It provides effective manner of communication with other people. In reaching other people, social networks can helps them and stay in touch with friends, family, classmates, even teachers, co workers, etc. In social media one of the common thing that many groups are doing is creating a forum that they can use to be connected with each other. It also , make all people updated about the news, not like before people can be updated only if they will go to the market to buy a newspaper but now you can be updated about everythin in a second because of the internet or social media. No doubt that it saves a lot of our time to be more productive in other things. Those are some of the positive effects of social media in all people.

Now, what are the negative effects of social media in our life? However it gives positive effects to us, it also has negative effects. Social media sometimes a source of stress , anxiety and depression specially to the young ones. Due to the social networks like facebook, intagram, twitter , etc , most of the teenagers or young people compare their self with the people that they saw in the social media, and it force them to fel and think that others are more better that them like in fashion, achievements, family, followers, and many more which totally affects their life. Because of the changees in their preception about their self and life status, it leads to anxiety or depression and more worst scenario is sometimes it leads to suicidal decision. And now we know how social media affects our lives.

In social media, many people are also faced cyber bullying because of the obscurity it offers. Due to the easiest way of bullying someone in social media, it rises the violence, bad threats and even sex abuse whhich can make a person traumatize and depress. Emotionally those bad things that people can experince in social media can damage their personality and their life. There is also possibility that they can carried through the truama or emotional scars for a long period of time.   

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