How Social Media Affects the Sick

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Link between sick persons and social media

Social media is the best forum for interactions. As argued by Haythornthwaite (2005), social media has created a social link. People meet new friends in online hubs such as Facebook and Twitter. Although the press does not take the person to the real world, it establishes a virtual friendship link. Forums like Facebook and WhatsApp among others have specially designed features that connect like-minded people in a simple method of a single click. It is a universal fact that a more significant number of sick people are isolated in one way or the other. The disabled and those affected by various diseases sped most of their time either in bed; alone, or are left at home while others go out for walks or job. According to Schulz & Sherwood (2008), the limitation in social interaction may worsen their situations. Various cases of suicide have been reported among sick persons, all emanating from a restriction in their social interaction.

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In a physical encounter, sick people are less talk active. Even when given a chance to socialize, they find it difficult because of the inferiority complex. They have the feeling that they are not fit for the particular group. The worse cases of isolation have been reported among the people living with HIV / AIDS. The limitation to social life due to illness develops worse sceneries of stress and mental illness (Adler & Matthews 1994). However, in the case of social media, there is neither isolation nor discrimination. Everyone fits in the forum, regardless of their health status. These social gatherings have created social links, hence leading to betterment of the social life of the patients. Victims suffering from stigmatization and isolation by their society develop a sense of belonging to various social groups. The social development prevents worse cases of mental illness. Regulated social interaction has also been recommended as a remedy for stress and psychiatric disorders. When people interact, they create a bond of friendship, feel appreciated and developmental peace (O’Keeffe & Clarke-Pearson 2011).

According to Lambert et a.l (2014), social media has given victims of various diseases and those with disabilities exposure to information. The world is going digital, and most information is shared online. Research on multiple illnesses and recommended medications are posted in social forums. There are millions of pages online that contain medical reports on particular diseases. Medical facilitators and sectors post their prescriptions in the media. The companies and health facilities have taken the social media as a promotion page to market their products and services. Access to the social media by patients gives them an opportunity to gain awareness.

Various health facilities have online forums where they address various health issues. This is a better platform where people suffering from illness can gain information on precautions and appropriate medications. These forums give multiple groups of victims the chance to exchange ideas and share their sufferings. Through these exchange programs, the sick get advice on best medical or prevention measures. The links among patients and the medical facilities are also empowerment among those people living with various types of diseases and disabilities. From online pages, one is capable of knowing what they are suffering from, the appropriate medication and where to get treatment. The exchange of information establishes the feeling of ‘I am not alone, there are many like me out there”. It gives patients the hope to cure and live.

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