Analysing the Customer Treatment by the Employees of Starbucks

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It is necessary for every organization to have mission and vision to keep them on track of their progress, including Starbucks, whose names has been arising from years to years. Starbucks Coffee proclaimed their previous mission as “To establish Starbucks as the premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow”.

The components, revealing that Starbucks Coffee not only intended to be at the top but also independent on leading another organization based on their principles and presentations throughout the years. Being the most influential and prominent is an uphill for the Starbucks Coffee at times when they were still in recovery of improving their performance to convince people and the organization regarding on their mission that are not yet strongly achievable.

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After a few years, Starbucks Coffee renovated their mission statement that they can reduce but cannot eliminate the real message of the old ones that says “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighbourhood at a time” and this statement clearly served how easy and reflective for the employees and customers to understand the mission.

Regarding about one person, it emphasizes on creating a comfortable atmosphere and warm-invitation through friendly-greetings and complimentary from employees to customers, which can maintain a strong bond between Starbucks and the consumers. It is obvious that one cup and one neighborhood expresses about their products that are major in coffee and non-coffee, from serving of coffee that can unite people and blend in different cultures in one place with the same agenda.

Starbucks Coffee did not only satisfy the customer’s needs, but they also focused on their (employee) partner satisfactions through trainings such as for those who works overtime will get paid more with extra tips, rewards given to the employees after achieving the standards, break time and their food allowance provided by the company which all of this motivates the employees on working happily with customers and in return, they are putting efforts to make Starbucks Coffee arise from years to years.

How it meets the demands from customer?

In fact, that Starbucks Coffee has been the largest coffee shop and is expanding at international range. Not only producing the best coffee in the world, but they also give out the best customer experience satisfactory.

Nonetheless, the environment is also part of the strategic plan that meets the needs of the customer where cosy vibes and atmosphere, comforts the customers, which it feels like home to share cups of coffee and chilling with family and companions.

As in this era, the used of technology have been part of our everyday lifestyle. Starbucks Coffee also offers free-Wifi for the consumers which is totally a good strategic plan on increasing their performance and satisfy both company and human society. It is a suitable place for customers who intend to enjoy the joy, taste of coffee while connected to Wifi. On the other hand, it is another alternative for the customers in making their work done at one place.

In additional, Starbucks coffee also provides charging plug which convinces the customer when they are in need of charging their electrical devices. Moreover, their team has been so brilliant when it comes to marketing as they sells and produces their own merchandise, tote bags and tumblers which it will affected on the rate of incomes and travel & tourism of the country. Last but not least, they also offer discount on every membership card which allows the customers to explore and buy various coffees in Starbucks Coffee.

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