Connection Between Stress and Health Problems

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Stress is described as an alarm clock that rings depending on the situations in which the person is. However, if people let the "stress alarm" ring for a continuous period of time then people might end up with serious results. There are a lot of examples and evidence that shows stress as a really dangerous epidemic. For example, mental and physical issues have been diagnosed over the years from people dealing with work, being a student and housewives. This category of people are the ones who suffer the most from chronic stress. Stress doesn’t choose young or old people, in fact, everybody stresses about something. The older a person gets the greater the stress becomes. Stress may have the ability in the long term to control people’s lives if they didn’t treat it in the right time with the right ways.

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Being stressful, sweating and trying to think of something while avoiding people’s eyes by giving them weird facial expressions is the worst. As Sumathi Reddy (Feb. 5, 2013) explains, “Stressful work and social occasions are often made much worse by what comes with them: sweat.” The sweat glands secrete large amounts of sweat which results in producing a lot of sweat on the skin. Appearing sweaty public occasions can be so embarrassing and not forgetting the bad smell that comes after. Because of being stressed people tend to avoid eye contacting with audience during presentations or social events also while having conversations and some might describe this as an impolite behavior. During speeches the brain can suddenly stop thinking losing the ability to develop persuasive actions or talks in order to get away safely from a triggered situation. Some people might not be able to control their facial expressions, so they end up making unwanted odd ones. This is caused because the brain is super active at that moment and due to high-stress levels.

Experiencing a lack of brain’s normal functioning is something that nobody wants to try. Stressed people avoid crowded and loud places. It’s because it makes them uncomfortable and less concentrated on things. Also adding that all information that is stored in their brains tend to fade faster because the brain is more focused on stressing rather than the information itself. According to Rick Nauert PhD, (Feb 24, 2015) as humans are living in a competitive society confidence is important in order to be able to make life choices and to be financially and socially successful. A person with low confidence is not attractive or successful because they can lose some great chances and opportunities in life and this is only because they are stressed and afraid of the unknown which will immediately lower their creativity as well.

Health issues that are caused by stress are dangerous. Headache and depression might be with the person for the long term. This also causes unpredictable actions specially in public places. Ann Pietrangelo and Stephanie Watson (June 5, 2017) believe that the responses the body makes are signals for the body itself in order for it to be ready for any emergency attacks and to react faster. However, if this continued to happen it might put the body’s health at risk. With all this stress, it is normal for the body to lose its glow and health and for it to be no longer attractive.

As mentioned earlier, people’s lives can be forever controlled by their stress if they didn’t manage to cure it. And as for stress it was, is and will always have negative impact on people dealing with their living. Stress is an internal feeling in every human being and so it certainly causes more mental than physical damages. Sometimes stress can mature the person's brain in the long run but that doesn't make it good because it's more negative than positive. Reconsidering and not underestimating all stress causes and managing them will provide people a life free of stress in the future and that’s what everybody should crave for.

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