Influence of Stress on Modern Society

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Stress is an external force that causes the people to become tense, upset, and even depressed. Stress can also come when your happy about something. Those feelings are the internal state of arousal and physical response to different body demands. In the case study of, physiological response Dr. Hans challenged himself to describe stress as a nonspecific response of the body to any demands made upon it. Things that upset and makes us excited are considered stressors. Over the years many individuals have distinguished categories of stressors. Depression is one of the diagnoses that goes hand and foot with stress. If a person is stressed they are most likely depressed too and vice versa. Depression is the worlds most common mental ailment, affects the brain, the mind, and the body in complex ways.

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There are two different types of stress which are eustress and distress. Eustress is the positive stress in our lives, like love and joy. Distress refers to the negative stress that deplete or even destroy life’s energy. Our stress level is supposed to be motivational and push us to our needs and not to discourage or interfere with our ability to reach to full potential. Through homeostasis, our bodies strive to maintain a stable and consistent physiological state. The (GAS) consist of three distinct stages: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. I have looked into different theorist and they have different concepts in their own studies. According to Richard Lazarus, “stress is not an environmental stimulus, a characteristic of a person, nor a response, but a relationship between demands and the power to deal with them without unreasonable or destructive costs”. (Hales, 2011,2009).

There are plenty things that can cause stress. Stress is a state of mental and emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. The death of a loved one can cause tremendous stress on a person within that time frame or forever. Though majority of people have experienced the death of a loved one by occupying most of their time. Whether it is by exercising more, spending extra time at work, or more socializing. Then there are people who shut themselves out from society, binge eat, or even starve themselves. Everyone has their own agenda on handling the death of a loved one. Also, another thing that typically causes stress is the loss of a job. Studies state that an average of 54,966 people has been laid off or fired each day in the first two months of 2017. That gives it a total of 3,243,000 people laid off or fired from their jobs. Being laid off or fired from a job can cause financial stress. For example, most people who are laid off from their job are eligible to receive unemployment. In order to receive unemployment, everyone has to go through a particular process that their state requires.

There are multiple steps on filing unemployment. Which includes multiple original documents. Therefore, can add on stress to an unemployed member of society. The wages of a person who receives unemployment differ from a full-time employee. Full-time employees make more than people make more than people who receive unemployment. Living in the United States of America, houses and cars are a necessity to the average American. For example, a person who receives unemployment may not receive enough money to afford both house and car. This can also add on stress to an unemployed person. Domestic violence and rape victims are prone to have stress. Also, they are prone to become depressed. In sad cases, such as these, there is no certain way of dealing with stress nor depression. Majority of domestic violence and rape victims experience trauma. Trauma is deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Also, trauma can be physical injury. These kind of victims seem happy, but majority of them are emotionally distraught. They can walk around with a big smile, while blocking out all forms of communication. Blocking out communication from others can cause stress build up. That can also distract them from focusing on day to day tasks.

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