How Taking a Stand and Winning is Important

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How Taking a Stand And Winning Is Important

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In this brief arugmentive essay I am going to be pointing out how taking a stand and winning is important. Taking a stand can be very violent and dangerous also winning can be more important to people who are trying to win.

My side that I am going to be taking is standing up for the ones who are afraid of speaking on the violence that is going in this world. This important to be because I lost a close friend to me when i was growing up he died from this gun control mess and its almost 2 years he has been gone. I will continue to write about him and other people who has lost people that was or were close to them. In 2016 there were more than 38,000 gun related death in the Untied States. The average rate of people dying from guns goes up day by day. Nobody wants to burry anybody thats in there family. It’s very devastating especially if they are little children, more than 26,000 children and teens have lost their life. 1.7 million children live with unlocked, loaded guns – 1 out of 3 home with kids have guns. More likely teenage boys triy to fit in with other “gang members”, ” friends or family” by getting a gun. I wonder is it ever that serious ?

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More people take a stand when it’s to late when they lose their child, husband, bestfriend , and etc. Nobody wants to take a stand when there is no violence going on. Why does everyone waits to late? Taking a stand and winning is more important becasue once you have won at taking the stand for gun violence to end we wouldn’t have to be burrying another child or teenager. The avergae teenager parents will wait until it’s to late and starts to blame there self for their child lost. If we take a stand today it wouldn’t be to late.

As today I wouldn’t no parent to blame there self or try to beat there self up when they have lost their child or somebody thats close to them. Taking a stand and winning with gun violence and gun control the world would be so much different from today. Back maybe before my time im sure there wasn’t so much violence going on between the year 2014-2018. Once we win the stand for gun control and violence the death rates will be down. When children are often being bullied in highschool or middle school they bring guns to school because they feel threathen.

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