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How Technology Will Affect Human Life In The Future

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When was the last time you looked at your phone? If you are a typical member of today’s society, the answer is probably a few moments ago. In fact, you may well be reading this very article on your phone! Phones, and technology by extension, have permeated every aspect of our lives in ways that could not have been imagined just a few centuries ago. Technology has been advancing at breakneck pace, and has made us the most advanced society in the history of the world, and quite possibly the universe. This very remarkable change in technology and its effects on our lives did not occur overnight. It however began around the late 19th century and is continuing to this very day. Despite the supposed “age of miracles” having long passed, we have witnessed a plethora of inventions that are nothing short of miracles, starting from the first telephone to the very first AI robot. The ability to invent and utilize tools is what has always distinguished the human race from other life forms. From cavemen in prehistoric times using sticks for digging, to scientists using supercomputers in research labs, our technology has improved a great deal, but the key theme has always remained the very same: to get our work done more easily with less effort.

The most astounding fact, though, is the breakneck pace at which technology is advancing. By the time we get used to the newest technology in the market, chances are, other more advanced versions have already replaced it! And as the number of people interested in science and its advancement continues to increase, in all likelihood, this trend of everyday breakthroughs seems set on course to continue for the foreseeable future.

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Merely a decade ago, it would have been impossible to even think of how dependent we would be on technology, but today it has become part of the fabric of our lives. The development of smart phones, for instance, is evidence of just how far we have come. From large tables bearing a notepad, a calendar, a phone, a fax machine, a clock, a radio, and several other contraptions, we have come down to one, small, handheld device that does all that and much more. And the best part is, we are just getting started!

Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is very sophisticated software, one which has the means to reprogram itself for better achieving the results it was created for. It experiments by itself and pushes its own boundaries to learn from and adapt to its surroundings. AI is of paramount importance to modern scientists because it is said to be the single thing capable to reshape the world where we live. The magnitude of these claims is not unfounded, as AI is said to be one of the leading causes of the fourth industrial revolution. It can be said with certainty that smart devices will continue to develop, and integrate together until they work harmoniously as one robust system. These machines will interchange information among themselves, restricting the need for human participation. And it is not just phones, watches, or TVs anymore! In recent times, almost every device in the household is slowly but surely leaning towards becoming “smart”!

Just as the personal computer completely transformed the typewriter-dependent society of a few decades ago, so too is it likely that a new and more advanced form of technology will replace the technology we have today in the future. In all likelihood, we will remain dependent on technology, but what futuristic marvels we get hooked on, remains to be seen.

The Very First Touchscreen Smartphone: The IBM Simon

The IBM Simon (pictured on the left) is the very first touchscreen smartphone that was ever created for commercial purposes. It was made and retailed by the International Business Machines Co. (IBM) in the year 1994. This was the pioneer in the touchscreen smartphone industry and paved the way for the more advanced smartphones which we are so dependent on today.

The Latest Touchscreen Smartphone: iPhone XS Max

We have surely come a long way since the IBM Simon. The latest touchscreen phone, the iPhone XS Max, has all the things that a techie could ever dream of. It showcases myriad cutting edge technology and in many ways encapsulates just how far we have come as humans, with this tiny device more powerful than the most advanced computer of a few decades ago.And with Apple and its competitors showing no signs of slowing down, we are sure to witness even greater revolutions in the coming years.

Humanoid Robots

A humanoid robot is a robot built in such a way that it mirrors the human body. The first humanoid robot was the ASIMO (pictured on the right). It was manufactured by Honda in the year 2011. This is one of the flagship prototypes that has had a marked impact on the robotics landscape. ASIMO can identify moving objects, gestures, its surroundings, sounds and even human faces. However the latest AI robot to get worldwide fame is the Sophia Robot (bottom) made by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. It was the first robot to even pay attention to human nuances of communication such as making hand movements and understanding the emotions of other human beings. It had artificial intelligence too, which meant that it had a unique algorithm that was connected to sensors and cameras all over its body which enabled it effectively communicate, make sound judgments and move in various ways. It was one of the most awe-inspiring robots in this generation, leading to much hype around it by dint of its myriad features and the engineering behind it. This did not only lead to its worldwide recognition but also lead to Sofia becoming the very first robot to earn a citizenship from a country.

The Future

All these developments in the technology sector are not only one of a kind but also leave one in complete awe. Who knows what the future holds.

The cases illustrated above are merely the tip of the iceberg. With more and more scientists and researchers pushing boundaries further every day, we may well observe many of the phenomena from science fiction novels becoming reality within a few years. With autonomous cars already gaining speed, it may now be time for flying cars to finally take off. The internet, much like electricity, is soon to become a basic necessity of life. Space exploration is nothing new, and scientists are beginning to look at ways to make other planets like Mars habitable and thus colonize them. Social and business encounters, too, have changed greatly with many old retail and grocery shopping outlets giving way to newer, online based substitutes. Furthermore, artificial intelligence has enabled our homes to become smarter, and easily controllable, with all devices working in harmony. Healthcare has also improved significantly, with disabled people utilizing augmented reality and smart systems to move and experience the world around them. However, the bright future ahead also comes with great risks. Privacy may become a luxury exclusive to the privileged. Countless jobs will be lost in unprecedented waves as robots and artificial intelligence assume greater roles in society. A lot of new avenues for crime and bullying have also opened up and will furthermore grow due to the widespread use of the internet. There is no certainty in what the future might hold. No matter how technologically advanced we get, good and evil people will always exist and it is us that will make use of the technology in whatever way we choose. From the IBM Simon to Sophia the humanoid robot, this world around us shows signs of constant evolution that can only lead to even more unimaginable prospects in the future. All we can do is sit back and enjoy this rollercoaster of the unprecedented age of technology.


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