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How The American Dream Was Changed in The Town Of Saymont

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The American dream was once to own a nice car a fancy house and a decent paying job but soon to change. The American dream was soon to be changed forever by a terrible tragedy. This essay will revolve around the story of how the American dream was changed forever in the town of Saymont. A volcano eruption in Saymont caused a life changing effect on the lives of many people. This essay will take place in Saymont and will tell the lives of three people. The lives of Samuel Ramon and Kira. Each person has been affected in different way but end in similar conclusions, This volcano has caused many issues.

Samuel’s Story

It seemed to be a normal day for Samuel in Saymont, he just got out of school for the last day and was starting to prepare for graduation everything seemed normal. The date for graduation was set for September 1st, 2018 which was three days from graduation. Samuel started to get ready for graduation early because he normally forgets to pack things over the weekend. This weekend was different he heard some people panicking outside his house. He ignored it but then he heard a big crash outside his house and then the power went out and he saw fire everywhere. He then realized a volcano has erupted by time he could see the damage it stopped it seemed to be the fastest volcano ever but one of the most devastating. He went to look at the time and he had been hiding for three days so afraid that hunger and thirst just kicked in. Samuel got a snack and went to see the damage it was terrible trees were burned houses destroyed it was awful. He went to help by helping some people rebuild the houses and plant trees and plants. Samuel original dream of becoming a welder was gone but he now realized he loved plants so his dream was to become a farmer. The life of Samuel was changed but maybe for the better after the cleanup he graduated and started his own garden it is now the best garden in the town of Saymont.

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Raymons Story

Raymon’s day normally consists of coming home from school and doing his daily chores around the house but all to change. Three days before Raymon got out of 10th grade something was concerning him outside he felt like the ground was moving on its own. Ramon decided to ignore it and he would live to regret it. On August 31st 2018 the shaking got worse he started to see tree’s snap and crush buildings at this point he decided to turn on the new however it was too late. Ramon heard a big boom outside and moments later flames were everywhere he then knew a volcano was erupting in Saymont. The volcano devastated the town however unlike his neighbor Samuel his fate was different from a burnt house he panicked for a while but moments later a big crash came through his house a tree had fallen and crushed him. Ramon didn’t know what to do he was stuck there for days but then after going unconscious he woke up in a hospital bed he was told he had been in a coma for 6 months he then realized it was true but someone decided to stay it was Kira she said her brother Samuel had gone off to college and he wanted her to stay and be there for you. Raymon didn’t know what to say however he did find out what he wanted to be his experience made him decide to become a doctor and help more people less fortunate than him. Kira’s story Kira was Samuel’s brother however unlike Samuel she was not in town as the volcano erupted so she did not witness the destruction of Saymont. Kira grew up in Saymont however she left two years earlier to follow her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Kira normally starts her day with eating breakfast and then heading to work but today was a different story. Kira was busy at work and got a phone call from her brother Samuel he said Saymont was devastated by a huge volcano and his friend Raymon was in the hospital and he wanted her to comfort him because he couldn’t be there. Kira drove all the way to Saymont from Brenmor to see her brother and his friend what she didn’t know was the damage would be so severe. When Kira got to Saymont she saw broken trees burnt houses and wrecked roads she had never seen such an awful sight she then went to comfort her brothers friend Samuel. Lucky for Kira her job had a position open in one of the few buildings that survived she then called work and asked if she could be transferred luckily they allowed it. For Kira Raymon and Samuel the devastation at Saymont may have seemed the worst thing ever for some but for them it was a family reunion. Kira rose the ranks and eventually opened her own company The Pet Lovers and a family was happy again.

Samuel’s, Kira’s and Raymon’s after story

The stories of Samuel, Raymon and Kira all take different turns but all end in similar paths. Kira went all the way out of her normal schedule to help her brother in the Saymont volcanic disaster but even in the worst times hope was always there. Samuel saw the chaos the volcano caused and ended up being a farmer to give back what was lost. Raymon got put into a coma from a tree crashing into his house but his dream changed forever by the effects of the Saymont volcanic disaster. The Saymont volcanic disaster caused many issues but in the end it all worked out. In the town of Saymont Samuel now own the best farm in the country Kira owns her own veterinary clinic while Raymon is a top doctor in the world. You can see here the Saymont volcanic eruption caused many fatalities to the American dream however everyone got a chance and Samuel Raymon and Kira chanced and beat the odds.


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