Creating the Appeal for the Brand to Stand Out in a Cluttered Market


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In today’s competitive world, selling a product has become very difficult. Organizations are struggling to sell their products to consumers and consumers are not always constant towards the brand. Even as a consumer I feel, the market has become so cluttered and each brand is giving their best to stand out. Expanding & moving ahead in the chaotic world & keeping your brand at the cutting edge is difficult and requires relentless & persistent efforts from the brand. Corporates follows different strategies to make their brand powerful and appealing. Brand building is really a thoughtful exercise which revolves around product’s USP, positioning, pricing of the brand. I feel brand needs to think out of box in today’s time to stand out in the chaotic market or say in the shelf of retail shop.

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With our brand Streax Professional, we always try to excel among our competitors through our aggressive communication, customer centric approach, and well planned marketing activities. Brand should build marketing story around their strength areas and connect with the consumers. In today’s time, consumer look for hand-holding brands rather than just problem solving brands.

So if brands really want to differentiate themselves in the abundant market place, here are few tips or particulars:

  • Be appealing
  • Delivering Results
  • Pricing
  • Positioning

Be Appealing:

With the increasing products & range in market, cluttered shelf spaces, decisions to place product where and how, inadequate execution of promotional activities, brands struggle to stand out. In today’s world, having an edge over other brands is really difficult. Brands want to attract consumer, build relationship, build network through them. For building successful brand, I feel team should follow the main principle of “Win Forever” a book by Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll which says “Team to always thrive on competition and constantly strive to improve.” As a brand, I feel one has to be on toes, work for consumers, full fill customers expectation.

Some Methods:

  • Distinctive / Brand Name
  • Bright Colour – distinctive packaging colour.
  • Simple and clear package designs.
  • Make use of bright colours that are different.
  • Keep the labeling clear, simple and large enough to be read easily

Delivering Results:

Deliver the promise brands are making.

Pricing & Positioning:

Both pricing and positioning are important Ps of a brand marketing plan or a company’s approach towards brands. So it is not either–or or which is more important but how different organizations have leverage these Ps to their advantage. Pricing has been used by corporate to gain market share, penetration for new categories, to switch from competition, to build a value proposition, to be successful in their businesses. Both the P’s are key factors in deciding the longevity of the brand. Brand should focus on building and maintaining relationships with consumers, whether they’re one-time shoppers or longtime buyers. One should maintain the regular connect with them with engaging communications, giving customer focus schemes, special deals, always asking for constructive feedback. Make them feel valued, taking in account their opinions. Brand should have an emotional connect, focus on showing connect, interaction, helpful & responsive image, relationship with consumers. These days (consumers) human beings like to buy from other human beings, not faceless companies. Be as human as possible – focus on uniqueness, trust, and compassion.

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