How the Camera Changed My Life

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How The Camera Changed My Life

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Think about do you have that one piece of technology that changes your life for the better? I have my piece of technology that helped change my life it’s the camera. Think about this do you even know what photography is? Photography is using photos to create art to make something beautiful to create a story. Today more and more people are having a broader and a widely known audience that is taking more pictures every day. When the camera dated back to the 1800s, it was used to help capture moments in history. In the 1800s, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was the first person to take the first photo to capture the world’s beauty. I think the camera help contribute to the change of my life to show a different perspective of the world, by showing the true colors of it and how there will always be the good and bad in the world.

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Why did the camera change my life? One reason that the camera is important to me is to help bring back the history of the past. The main reason I have a passion for photography is to help convey the knowledge of the past to present of a photo and know the story behind it. In some photographs, it could cause a movement determined by the photo for example violence or equality. Next thing is that back then the camera helped show art by using photos to create feelings of nostalgia and purpose. Think of this if we had no photography then there would be scrambled history of the past.

When I was little, I loved to take pictures to help remember the lucid memories of the good or bad to remember those memories. In our family, we think that cherished photos are considered a treasure to show our families when we are older and pass it to the next generations. Research states that the more photos you have higher self-esteem you will have about yourself. I loved to use a camera to keep memories of the family for example, a wedding, family reunion, etc. My passion of photography was from my uncle that was a photographer and I loved looking at his pictures. From looking at those photos, I take pictures to show a meaning throughout the photos to follow in his footsteps.

I believe the camera helped changed my life to show what the real world is like. The camera is important to me and others to help show the meanings of a photo. I think that our society evolved into the future of photography, making people want to take more and more pictures. We are on a timeline, and we have photos to help freeze moments on the timeline. In my opinion, I think that photographs help show the natural beauty of the world in its glory. Photography today we are using photos to create a timeline for our future. Today we use photos for everything nowadays from putting them in a photo album to posting it on social media.

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