How the Character of Macbeth is Portrayed in the Play

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William Shakespeare , a famous author and playwright who generally considered to be the greatest writer in English and the best dramatist in the world.He has written The Tragedy of Macbeth, which is generally regarded as both the best writing and the finest work in the English Literature. Macbeth is set mostly in Scotland,and the story shows Macbeth's greed for power and demented by over ambition. Macbeth is not even the most complicated play by Shakespeare, although it is definitely one from his most creative ,strong yet emotionally challenging work.Shakespeare tremendously depicts the downward spiral of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth as they contend with greed's devastating physical and psychological consequences.The play provides an infinite array of subjects and difficulties that can still affect mankind. The essence of good and bad, greed and lust for power, aggression, freedom will or moral obligation are and many more.

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Macbeth's opening scene sets the narrative and tone for the whole play.Mainly, It has the three witches on a battleground contemplating their reconciliation to exploit the returned hero of war, Macbeth .the three witches, also identified as the weird sisters are characters .Their prophecies greatly contribute Macbeth to his destruction.Appearing only in three scenes, the weird sisters act as a catalyst for the events unfolding on Macbeth, establishing the dark mood leading to the tragic end of Macbeth.They use their supernatural abilities, produces a grim and mysterious environment. Shakespeare leads to a situation of sheer terror after the first scene at which three witches convene their meeting with Macbeth, illustrating the scene prosecuted with terror, confusion and confusion. Although, by foretelling between good and bad, they reveal their intention to cause much doubt and chaos in his life in the very first scene of the play. These forecasts end up making Macbeth over-confident and enthusiastic to attack his enemies.

The character of Macbeth is portrayed as a brave warrior in the play, whom popularity mostly on battleground brings him much respect from king. yet he is really not a virtuous one . Shakespeare illustrates how the transition of a decent individual into a dreadful person trough his character. The witches foretell the future of both Macbeth and Banquo during their first apparition. Macbeth accepts the lure, although it is refused by Banquo .Their prophecies rise false royal hope in Macbeth’s mind .So he tries to negotiate to them on many instances. The witches also depict the battle which is at the core of Macbeth between both the divine and the real life.Macbeth represents the difference between sanity and insanity via this psychological conflict.Throughout play acts of Macbeth caused a lot of violent confusions. He can not handle the social repercussions of his actions.Actually he is quickly intent on killing to satisfy his royal desires. By his asides and soliloquies, the readers get the clear idea of his character and later on his overwhelming ambitions.Macbeth is troubled with the prophecies of the witches, and most of the time his feelings remain confused .

He was rapted by their prophecy and even killed some characters just to reach his destination.He believes in such supernatural agents and eventually to assume blindly in his own immortality. They efficiently lead him mostly on road towards his own demise by putting this idea in his head.Their prophecies try driving his thirst for power and permit Lady Macbeth to continue pursuing her own dreams and aspirations. Including her husband, the desire for authority of Lady Macbeth contributes her to a strange, phantasmagorical sphere of witchcraft, sleeplessness and insanity.Actually

the words of the Witches , Macbeth’s indecision and his wife’s determination that empower Macbeth to consider malicious ideas and commit terrible actions.

Through puzzles, the witches often speak to trick the readers to say half truths in terms of maintaining the curtain on their bad acts. In the breast of Macbeth the witches see their crop, where it finds a soil prepared by its own inherent design, inclined to evil, to make it fertile, and to taste the bitter fruit. The Three Witches placed the catastrophe in action, either they influence destiny or who are actually its operatives.The setting of Macbeth itself is gloomy and dark. Even the weather is not favorable.The witches are also influential in generating the overall sound and atmosphere of the story, particularly in the first act, when they remind the public that 'fair is foul/foul is fair.' and in midst of the crashing of thunder.

All of these are helping to brace us for a tragedy wherein the individual person falls victim towards evil's occult advice and runs alongside the witches mostly on hand of the demons. Therefore, the curiosity of the viewer in the activities to follow is stimulated accordingly.

The witches' lines: 'Fair is foul, and foul is fair:this indicates what is considered good is actually evil and objectively good is what is considered bad. Hovering via the mist and rotten wind' are often used to pave the way by providing a level of spiritual doubt and for continuation of the story. The play is also packed with scenarios wherein bad is represented as good, whereas good is portrayed as bad. It seems like witches are talking to persons,things are not what they seem to be, suggesting that not everyone can be entrusted. It contributes in our anxiety but surprisingly Macbeth finds no evil things even in their words and expressions,they seem quite good to him .Again the line 'Double double toil and trouble,' simply reflects the purpose of the them : actually they are only trying to raise difficulties for humans surrounding them.For this man lives in dilemma.Here,the expression leaves the impression that Macbeth is a play of darkness, tragedy, violence and greed which is intense.Even the word of the witch attempts to expose as evil, enigmatic, and deceitful as their identities.

The scene's descriptive purpose is noteworthy. The witches symbolize the blackness that envelops the whole play. 

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