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How the Cons of One World Government, Income Inequality in the U.S., Communism and Oligarchic's in Turkey Relate to One Another

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Turkey’s from of government is oligarchy. Turkey is now ruled by a powerful few. Though it may be portrayed as a monarchy, meaning only Erdogan is leading and has the full power, it is controlled by a group of powerful,rich and self interested people. This is certainly not a form of government I would want to live in. I believe in republic democracy. Turkey’s government has too much power and they are also manipulating, changing, erasing all the laws as they please. Like other forms of oligarchy, the people are afraid of the government. Therefore, who ever challenges them end up in jail. I wouldn’t want this form of government because it limits people, spreads fear and most importantly leaves absolutely no freedom.

Yes, because people need some sort of motivation to work hard and they are reward driven. In a system like communism, people earn the same amount of money and there is no private property. People often think the idea of earning the same salary is quite equal because it crosses out being poor or rich. However, people started noticing that some work very hard and some don’t at all. This raised questions about overall fairness itself again.On the other hand, in a communist system, the citizens are not allowed to choose the field that they particularly want to work in. Seen in many other cases of communism, the only ones empowered are the government. To sum up, In my opinion, communism is not a system that benefits all and there must be social vertical mobility

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I do not believe that a One World Government will take place. According to the video, I think the pastors idea of a system like that includes, the church, the bible and god. I don’t support such phenomenon because I do not believe in religion or god, however, pros for a system like that could be no wars for territory and a increase of efficiency of business because all regulations will be removed. On the other hand, the cons of such system may lead to damage in cultural identity and create even bigger grouping among people.

We might find America in the situation of the Roman Empire. Just like the Roman Empire, the cost of elections have resulted to overspending. Americans also use politics to ensure personal wealth. During the fall of the Roman Empire the slaves and plebeians suffered cheap wages or no wages at all. Today, we call it income inequality. Government instability and military overspending also occurs in the United States of America. There has always been government corruption, however, we experience more violence today. There also local rebellions just like the Roman Empire. (antifa)


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