How the Impeachment Process Happens

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I believe the President should be impeached because what he is doing to this country is not appropriate. On most occasions, he is acting unprofessional and careless. From signing treaties that angered other countries, not doing trade policies correctly is why many say that he is not fit for the business department also his “immigration plan” and how he is treating the immigrants. He tweets recklessly all over Twitter and even attacks artists or individuals for unnecessary reasons. He acts like a child when he is a whole adult.

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What is impeachment? And the process of impeaching a president? Impeachment is the process of a legislative body charge against a government for crimes that may have been committed. It doesn’t specifically remove them from the office officially it takes some time and a process. The impeachment process of impeaching a president is going through steps. The first step is the Congress has to investigate once it is introduced to the House of Representatives. The house must then show the Committee on the Judiciary so they can show a special hearing. They have to investigate what happened, what was done, and the “crime” that was committed. Second, the House of Representatives comes together and votes on the approval of the impeachment for the President. The procedure then goes to the Senate where then the trial is held to determine the crime. This Senate leads the meeting in leadership. During the trial, the president can have someone present with them such as a counsel to represent him. The chief of justice of the Supreme Court is over the trial in general. The senators then vote on whether the president should be impeached or not impeached.

The history of Impeachment. President Bill Clinton was the second president to be impeached out of the white house. He was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 19, 1998. The impeachment was due to him having an engaged affair with the White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Clinton engaging in an affair was not the only thing scandal. Legal implications were involved as well. At first, he was denying it and then later he admitted it. Clinton’s bill was impeached by the House of Representatives but he was not impeached by the Senate. That meant he was allowed to finish his two terms. Even though he was still allowed to complete his two terms but in December 1998 the House of Representatives all voted to impeach Clinton for his affair with Ms. Lewinsky. They had also decided to charge him on both articles of the impeachment.

The current impeachment inquiry with President Trump. The house of the Judiciary adjourned late Thursday for more than almost 13 hours of debate. They have been delaying the voting on two articles of impeachment against Trump. The allegations towards this impeachment were Presidents Trump's actions including, military aid, the Ukraine to combat the Russian military aggression. He has also been repeating several inaccurate statements including the Veterans Choice program and also the Democrat's position on immigration reform.

Critics of impeachment insist that it would diminish the presidency that creates an executive who serves at the sufferance of Congress. Congress is also contemplating actions on trade and defense that will hem in the president. Congress has succeeded only in intensifying its pressures. The prosecution demands that it would reduce the administration that makes an official who serves at the sufferance of Congress. Congress is also considering the actions on exchange and defense that will sew within President Trump. Congress has also succeeded to force out its weights.

The media's reaction to Trump's impeachment is actually very surprising. Many are supporting and many are against him and want the impeachment process to go through. The Republicans are defending Trump on the Impeachment while the Democrats are finding ways to get him impeached and to actually go through with it. Many are offended and heated by what Trump is constantly tweeting about. The media is reacting to this in all sorts of ways. Twitter has been a very popular social media site where many are going to give their reactions and opinions about the impeachment process, someone tweeted “you should have been impeached why is this barely being discussed”. Others tweet, “no impeachment #Trump2020”.

Overall, I believe President Trump should still be impeached. My thesis was proven and with the research, I have read and collected I hope and believe that he will be impeached although he is very convincing and very clever. My opinion on the outcome of this impeachment process and facts is that this process might take a while and may stir up some more heat but it can be accomplished.  

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