How the Location Affects the Workplace

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Location refers to places where you can put up something. For Industrialized companies in certain sectors, the important factor is location. Likewise, area choices, to be committed, are troublesome and may cause some arrangements to be difficult to handle. The expenses in moving a task are regularly noteworthy and risks bothering clients and staffs. It’s in every case best to obtain the desired area of choice comfortable at first. The objectives of preference of study hubs location is to achieve an attainable satisfactory value of three related factors: The expenses of the project, the customer services that the business wishes to provide and the business’ Customer Convenience. Some students or teachers prefers to study in locations near their universities due to easily accessible transportation; this helps reduce the potential costs/expenses during transportation.

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The Location may affect the workplace because a priority of the costumers is the expenses in travelling towards where the location is. Customers considered conveniently easy access locations. The specific location such as Study Hubs, Library, Café and other accessible areas are usually used for students’ study purposes. A qualitative study conducted by Knozaei et al (2010a) found that privacy, physical facilities, comfort, security, warmth and a friendly environment were identified as factors that make a residence hall similar to a home. This highlights the importance of privacy in residence halls from students, points of view. Privacy is defined as “opening and closing of a self” in relation to others. It is a process aimed to “control transactions” towards individuals and to a “degree of access”. The study of privacy has typically involved groups and settings, such as office environments, university residence hall, hospitalized patients, elderly people, restaurants and Muslims residences. Previous studies have tried to examine the degree to which people preferred and achieved privacy in different settings and conditions. Studies have suggested that in correspondence to family, an individual’s degree of openness and privacy boundaries, sharing and interpersonal discussion may not be the same for all other family members.

Although the need for privacy is universal, regulating mechanisms can vary across cultures. Different views to the concept of privacy can be derived from different personal characteristics, cultures, education levels and social backgrounds, genders, age, as well as economical levels. Along these elements it is also important to add the religious values to these factors. In a Baptist Church, there are some cases on marriage ceremony that the acceptance of same-sex marriage ceremonies rather than male-to-female ceremonies are highly accepted by the public due to the legalization of the government.

A residence hall is no exception. Vinsel et al., revealed that: those who eventually dropped out of the university, over a year later, had fewer and less effective privacy mechanisms, were less satisfied with university life, and were less active in various campus events.

Additionally, previous literature has supported the notion that students’ perception of their privacy led to an increase in the level of students’ satisfaction with their dormitory. Previous articles have also supported the gender differences on desired privacy. School is a second place wherein the individuals develops more knowledge and skills. It is a place for individuals who crave for knowledge and answers for their curiosity. It is a place for the individuals to enhance and develop their abilities to be competitive and to meet the demands in their chosen fields.

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