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How the Natural Environment is Crucial to Life and How Technology Affects It Gravely

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Negative Impacts On Technologies

Advanced technologies are potential threats to devastate the living environment. Although technologies has helped human beings to adapt an easier way of life, however, in the long term it might not be as beneficial as people realize. Many technologies have led to chronic devastations in the environment this includes automobiles, industrial power plants and medicines.

The invention of automobiles have brought convenience to people, on the other hand, it also causes air pollution. Driving is probably the most polluting act an average citizens commits. Pathogens in car exhaust like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, benzene and polycyclic hydrocarbons are toxic to human body organs. These substances have been shown to produce harmful effects on the blood, bonemarrow, spleen and lymphnodes, any of these pollutants can cause anemia, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and the possibilities of developing several types of cancers. Furthermore, combustion car engines contribute to carbon dioxide accumulation in the atmosphere is responsible for climate changes. Carbon dioxide is the main culprit of greenhouse effect. Meteorological reading taken in the stratosphere over the Arctic show that in six of the past 10 winters, ozone has thinned to half its concentration. Ozone protects the Earth from the Suns ultraviolet radiations and doctors are concerned that if it is eroded more people will suffer from skin cancer. Moreover, the greenhouse effects is also a main reason responsible for global temperature to increase slightly every year.

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Report indicates that during the past 20 years, average temperature has increased 0.5 degrees and in the following century the temperature will increase 2 to 5 degrees worldwide. Scientists are concerned about that consequently as the temperature increases every year the sea level will increases gradually due to the global warmness. Research discovered that the sea level is increasing at a rate of 2 meters per year. As a result, some cities along the coast will eventually be submerging by the water and suffer from flood.

Immediately followed the industrial revolutions during the 18th century in Europe, many industrial machinery were invented to economize the human resources and assisted people to complete tasks more efficiently. Accordingly, as more technologies were brought to the society and the market, the more energy and natural resources are indeed need in order to keep these high-energy consuming industrial power plants running. Deficiency of numerous non-renewable resources has become a serious issue in the 21st century. Most industrial machinery consumes energies like gas and coal, and among the thousand types of natural resources the petroleum has always play a major role in providing the industrial energies. However, the petroleum resources are limited and often its a controversial issue that how long will the petroleum supply the society as the source of energy? Some scientists believe that the amount of petroleum resources in the planet will be able to supply the consumption for approximately 120 years.

Based on nowadays petroleum extraction technology, the productivity of petroleum will decline continually within 20 years from present. Although the extraction technology in present will guaranteed to furnish the consumption source of petroleum through the 21st century, however, the energy crisis might arrive earlier than people expect. At the moment, global petroleum consumption exceeds one million barrels per day, and the number are increasing by 2 percent annually. If referring to the above statistics, by the end of year 2010 people will consumed half of the entire amount of the global petroleum production. According to the American Petroleum Association indicates that the entire amount of petroleum on earth to be explorer will not exceed 2000 billion barrels; furthermore, it will take no longer than 95 years to completely consume all oils on the planet. Other report also point out that the entire quantity of petroleum in storage worldwide is approximately 995 billion barrels. At the same time, the average oil consumption is about 24 billion barrels annually, yet the production is only 5 billion barrels that the supply is unable to meet the demand. Under the circumstances that medical technologies has a dramatically improvement for the passed century and the standard of living has ameliorated day by day, thus, as a result the average of life has extended. It seems that the advancement of medical technology has a beneficial influence to the society at the first glance, however, if further investigation is to be place on this issue, people will discover the fact that the advanced medical technology has caused the aging population. Before the industrial revolution, populations with the age of 65 or over was not even 3 percent of the entire world populations, however, in the First World nations today, this ratio has increased to14 percent. Under the estimation, populations of 65 years old or over will occupy 24 percent of the global populations in the year of 2030, it will even be as high as 30 percent in certain nations. In many First World nations today, the ratio of the working young populations and the populations who claims the old age pensions is 3:1. If the system remains unchanged, by the year of 2030 this ratio will decrease to 1.5:1, for some countries like German and Canada it can be as low as 1:1. Untied Nations estimate that the global populations of the age of 65 to 85 will be growing at a rate of 3 times of its original, 85 years of age or above will be growing at a rate of 6 times and 100 years of age or above will be growing at an astonishing rate of 16 times in the year of 2050.

As a result, increasing in government budgets for social benefit programs has occupied 9 to 16 percent of the whole GDP (gross domestic product) due to the increased aging populations in the First World nations. Government increases the tax as a solution to disburse the extra spending on the social benefit programs, young working groups will have to distribute 25 to 40 percent more tax. Similarly, if government borrows money as a way to raise the fund, immediately the government will have to face the deficits problem. Aging population not only lingering a nations economic growth, relatively in a long term it also devastate the nations economic development ,furthermore it will led to the cause of economic disintegration.

In conclusion, advanced technologies are indeed a significant power in prompting an easier and more convenient life for the human beings. However, unfortunately, it is also a force that is destroying the living environment. If people only notice the positive influences that advanced technologies has brought to the society without examine the negative impacts which has being done to the environment at the same time, sooner or later this planet will be completely destroy by the high-tech which once brought the flourish to the planet earth.


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