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Vainglory, the MOBA perfected by touch. In vainglory, there are three main positions for your to choose from. The captain, the carry, and the jungler. Let’s learn more about these three positions. The first position we have is probably the easiest to use, which is the jungler . The jungler’s job is to farm in the jungle until they are level six, so that they can unlock their ultimate abilities. Since the jungle has lots of gold and xp points to offer, it’s no wonder the junglers are often the hardest to deal with in a match.

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However, it’s not the jungler’s job to come up and help in the lane. He or she may come up to help, but they really don’t need to. Plus, they’d be givin up their valuable farm, and this can work both ways as there is no rule against stealing your enemy’s jungle monsters, which won’t be good for the late game. Junglers are great to use as they have both high attack and defense stats. A great example of these heroes would be Koshka, a cat-girl who can pin down enemy heroes with a powerful stun and chase down fleeing enemies with ease, but won’t usually have a chance to escape a faster opponent with more health left than her.

Another great example of these heroes is Taka, a fox hero who can dodge absolutely any attack and heal himself while momentarily going invisible. When used properly, he is a real threat to his enemies. The second and slightly harder role is the Carry, or the laner. Their job is to farm in the lane. The way they do this is by killing the enemy minions and destroying the enemy turrets with the help of their friendly minions. The carry has high attack stats, but has very low defense stats. The best carry players can earn over 2500 gold in the first five minutes, simply from efficiently killing the enemy minions. Usually, these heroes are better with lots of range, so that they can stay won’t take as much damage but can dish it out easily.

A great example of these types of heroes, and also my favourite hero in the game, is Varya. She is a powerful mage who commands one of the strongest forces in the game. She is very powerful, with a spear that has a very long range, a dash ability that zaps any enemies close to her destination, and she can call down a thunderstorm to shock unaware enemies. Another great example is Ringo, a gunslinger who can boost his movement and attack speed, shoot from a distance and hurl fireballs that will deal burst damage to whoever it hits. This fireball can deal continuous burn damage for some time after impact, but this burn damage can be blocked with a reflex block, aegis or crucible. However, both of these heroes have a low survival chance if they are being chased as opposed to being the chasers. The third, and probably the hardest position is the Captain. The captain’s role is to support his or her allies. They usually start the match by helping their friendly jungler farm, then coming up to the lane either when their jungler has reached level 4 or when their friendly carry needs help. This position is considered the hardest because there are lots of usable items that you need to buy (e.g a captain would buy a crucible, which blocks negative effects, but you need to tap it to make it work, whereas a jungler would buy a shatterglass, which would do its job without any necessary interaction with it). These heroes are usually low in terms of offense, but are also usually the meat-shields of their teams as they are packed with some of the best health stats in the game.

However there is one exception to this. The hero’s name is Lyra. She has low attack stats, like a regular captain, but abnormally low defense stats, making her more difficult to use. A great example of these types of heroes is Catherine. She can have the most defensive stats in the game, thanks to her ability to pile up on them during a match by stunning enemies. Another example is Grace, a paladin who can shield her allies using her abilities and has a massive heal. In short, you should go for the jungler position if you like to do lots of damage, laner if you want to stay in the back line, or captain if you like to aid your teammates. To give you an idea, I usually stick to Lyra, a captain who is literally a tool for her team, or Varya, a laner with massive range and powerful abilities. Thank you and i hope you enjoyed listening or reading about how the roles in vainglory work.

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