How the Use of Mobile Phones in Schools Can Be Beneficial

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Mobile phones divert scholars from schoolwork and class activities. I honestly do not concur with the statement. My genuine opinion on the declaration is that there is numerous ways a mobile phone can assist you on school premises yet this comes with a downside

The dominant cause why mobile phones where prohibited from schools was because scholars would regularly prowl around on their mobile phones, phones also agitated scholars but you cannot criticize anyone because mobile phones were invented to keep bored people entertained and most of the time scholars are always full of boredom in classes. Mobile phones allow cheating in many ways, a lot of schools also banned phones just because of irresponsible scholars who decide to cheat during an exam or test. Mobile phones are also on top of list when it comes to bullying, bullying has become a big issue in our world. Up to 1 million people commit suicide and like 100,000 attempt suicide just because of bullying and 95% caused by mobile phones. The reason some guardians acknowledge to mobile phones not being granted on school premises is because mobile phones were originally against the rules until this generation changed the regulations.

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Some guardians and educators believe that authorizing smartphones at school is inferior. I lawfully think it depends on the scholar and how it is operated. There are those scholars who misuse they phones inappropriately and to harm other scholars and teachers. Then there is those who do not misuse they mobile phones by using them for right reasons and educational purposes. Painfully you cannot forbid scholars who misuse they mobile phones from bringing they phones to school because you will generate war and at the same time you can not only authorize the good kids to bring they phones. Its either all scholars are forbidden to bring mobile phones to school or all scholars are authorized to bring devices to school.

There are a lot of advantages in terms of mobile phones being accepted on schools premises. Parental contact, if there is any kind of emergency on the school premises it is quicker placing a call on your cell phone to your guardians instead of going to the teachers or to the office. School closures, if there is a weather related emergency it would be way easier for each scholar to call they guardian instead of the office calling each and every one is parent. Then note taking if a scholar is leisurely when taking notes off the board, instead they can take an image of the work and do it later at home instead of the scholar holding the class back

Mobile phones that are used for school purposes excluding the outside world can really benefit a lot of scholars in many positive ways but that’s if they used responsibly and for the right reasons. The reason I declare this is because it has been proven that there are more benefits and advantages than disadvantages when it comes to Mobile phones. This shows that mobile phones are actually beneficial for scholars and scholars in the future.

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